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Register here by completing form below. You will then receive a welcome email if human NOT spam and accepted. CyberRev.Com retains all rights to accept or refuse your application and will NOT explain why, who, when, where or how.

We make such decisions based on motive, real person, reasons for joining, also whether we can help you or not. We cannot empower, suit or help everyone on planet Earth.

All members will be asked to:

  1. Study YHWH RA/RE show thyself approved
  2. Take Action KNOW THYSELF
  3. Spread CyberRev & YHWH RA/RE mindfulness coaching & Holy word.

*NOTE* If we cannot use your information to identify you online or offline we shall delete your application as SPAM. We need more than an email address to qualify you as human.

We are seeking spiritual, mindfulness, members over the age of consent above 16, in your respective country to join as members. We also need spiritual, mindfulness ‘Team Group Leaders’ in your city or country worldwide. If interested, please state in form. Thanks and Hotep, Shalom.

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