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Red Indian Slavery, Why?

Red Indian slavery why? How can one invade, lie, cheat, rape,murder and NOT be called terrorist’s of mankind? You prefer to be called colonialist, imperialist, crusader’s, discoverer’s etc.

So if a robber robs a bank are they crusader’s and discoverer’s? Why should you commit inhumane, historical, criminal acts and not be called or defined as criminals or terrorists even to this day? Have you ever read the FEDERAL LIST of recognized Indian tribes in the United States of America?

I admit I know nothing about the history of Red Indians, but I do know what slavery, racism, murder, rape and terrorism sounds and looks like. Watch this video and hear from someone who has lived as a native American Indian.

The above video also shows the facial SHAME & GUILT of pink crusader americans. Does the Creator of this universe have eye’s, ear’s, mind? Will HE along with angels, gods and goddesses of his universal KINGDOM judge good and evil? 100%.

In His Service,


America is Indian Nothing Else.

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