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Racist Pink People of Evil

Racist pink people of evil falsely claiming they are white are color-blind demons. Lets talk...

The only history or invention of most colonial pink people who falsely claim to be white is murder, rape, invasion, slavery, lynching, racism and theft of everything black or brownincluding the Bible.

Thy have also high-jacked the Dead Sea Scrolls, alphabet, science, mathematics and most things educational, human and civilized including the valley of the kings and real dynasties of this Earth and world.

I cannot understand how British, American, Canadian, Greco-Romans and Colonial pink pirates could invade Africa and the Caribbean, then act as if their innocent, educated and civilized? They openly stole, raped, enslaved, lynched, copied, murdered most things of the REAL 1st and oldest Africa people of the Garden of Eden and oldest human DNA on Earth.

The slave trade was your racist FEAR and global strategy of evil, wickedness and sin. You then created white Jesus also named as a slave ship out of England, UK and still to this day you enslave the world with religious white, pink bull-shit.

Dear Pope and Roman Catholic Church decades later almost half-my-life I now know the global truth. I know you helped design and finance slavery, invasion of Jerusalem, Africa and Caribbean. To make way for your jesus pagan christianity Constantine bullshit and mythical heresies.

You even helped create so many religions including Islam like onion layers if anyone peeled or destroyed one religion you still controlled others worldwide. You stole the artifacts of real kings and queens of Africa Kemet, Nubia you renamed Egypt. Do you think the Creator has eyes, ears and laws?

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. – Revelation 20: 15

Your actually building up an eternal life and history of death, what you think and sow you SHALL eternally reap. Your bastards and will always be heretical bastards of the devil and demons.

People of all religions and denominations are awakening and very soon the decline of all religions and denominations will happen worldwide. Not even Kanye West, Trump or fake evangelical christians can help you.

The Valley of the Kings of Kemet, Nubia, Sudan, Africa you tried to destroy and copy with myths and fables shall return and pink, white evil people shall become eternal sinful slaves and demons most have always been.

In His Service,


Religion In America a Decade in Decline

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