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RA RE Numerology, Universal System

RA RE Numerology, Universal System to calculate your past, present and future. Let’s talk.

Most people on planet Earth have no idea that they are predestined, preordained and born for a specific purpose and they need numerology as their calculator.

Imagine all things or EVERYTHING in the entire cosmos or universe as a operating KINGDOM centers around the power of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and when you add these numbers together into a single digit of numerology they all add up to the single digit and universal number 9.

Is this by chance or accidental? How about the fact most people are born with:

1 Head

1 Nose

1 Mouth

1 Chin

1 Chest

1 Organ for multiplying & populating in love

2 Feet

2 legs

2 knees

2 hips

2 hands

2 elbows

2 shoulders

2 buttocks

2 ears

2 eyes

10 fingers

10 toes

and when you add all main outward parts of the body they total 46 which = 10 and in numerology = 1 which is the DIVINE CREATOR RA RE.

I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘Nothing happens by accident’ well it is 100% true. Even the time and day you bear or birth a child is calculated of creation and the universe.

All of our thoughts, words and actions are also calculated and recorded by appointed gods and goddesses of the universal KINGDOM of RA RE regardless of whether one believes it or not.

This is why most religions and denominations can only mimic or pretend to copy or preach they know the truth or they are the truth of the Creator.

How can you know the truth and action truth if you do not give credit or praise to the earliest form or name of the Creator RA RE or his gods and goddesses, kings and queens of the Garden of Eden Afu-RA-ka aka Africa?

This is why we all need to unravel what are the hidden secrets of this universe.


Do you live your life more of the alarm clock or what people suggest or say you must or should be doing daily? Most people on Earth are living society or religion not Heaven or the universe within.

One may say how can I live purely and only of the universe within? This first takes the decision to walk a very long journey of the world and universe into your afterlife.

Yet along the way you will ONLY take your orders from the universal KINGDOM as the comos or planets and universal gods and goddesses appointed of the KINGDOM of RA RE recorded as the oldest and first form of any religion or civilization on Earth.

This is the spiritual foundation, belief, discipline, wisdom, knowledge and understanding one will need. This will also help to FREE you of all other forms of man-made religions, denominations or systems of world.

Then as you learn to move daily with the UNIVERSE/COSMOS you are moving with the omnipotent army of everlasting life and eternity within.

Sure, there will be challenges, obstacles, afflictions, tests and even people of your own family and friends who prefer or practice other religions or beliefs will act, think or challenge your mindset or stand.

For me if once upon a time, I could believe in a donkey and white jesus of Greco-Rome in Africa, I can surely make that change to now believe only in the Universe and SUN not mythical, man-made son.

Numerology should be your main Calculator

Numerology consists of the numbers 1-9 so if you get a 10 this becomes 1 and 11 become’s a 2. Numerology is extremely unique, powerful and VERY accurate once one learns how to calculate and use numerology.

This is more than your name or DOB etc I tend to watch for numbers throughout every situation and even daily as a date, time, event.

This is also more than SIX days though shalt labour and do all your work and the seventh day NOT 1st day though shalt rest. Remember only the CREATOR could create a universe in 6 days. Do you think the Creator would number himself 6 or upside down 9? Absolutely.

As RA is also in pRAise, PRAy, REpent, REward, RAinbow is this accidental? No way.

Try to also ask yourself the question why do churches directed by Rome or the Vatican really worship on SUN-day? Are they secretly worshipping the SUN but not telling the members of their congregation we really worship the SUN not man-made, mythical jesus son?

Look for the how most things in the above video = 9 this is amazing!


What if you could calculate your past, present and future? Would you be interested? What if you could live knowing when you are likely to be blessed, at peace, balanced within and or doing what you are called to do of the universe within?

How valuable is the above to you? What price would you pay for the above?

CyberRev.Com has now created a RA RE numerology, universal system that can calculate your past, present and future. And to demonstrate its accuracy and universal power take a look at the words RA RE which however calculated vertical or horizontal will add up to the spiritual, universal, number 9.

What does the number 9 stand for in numerology?

The number 9 in universal numerology stands for the principle or only universal system of Heaven to Earth or the universe of mind, heart, soul and Spirit-spirit some people call cosmic, sixth sense or subconsciousness.

There are 9 planets in the solar system.

Bottom-line keeping it simple your mother and father should have told you go talk and pray with the Universal Creator only, not anyone or anything else.

They should have also taught you not only are the hairs on your head numbered everything you do, say and action are calculated and weighed in Heaven and Earth.

But what if your bald LOL? Are you at zero? No, we are being calculated in many, many other ways such as your vehicle number plate, house number, post code, how many marriages, divorces, every 29 days of the moon cycle, what you think, eat, who you date etc, etc.


The number 12 has always been used or attached to many religions of the world and time such:

12 weeks in a month

12 months in one year

12 x 12 = 144 which equals 1 + 4 + 4 = 9 in numerology

12 gates into the City of God

12 Tribes

12 stages of life Buddhism

12 disciples Christianity

12 zodiac symbols

66 books of the religious man-made bible 6 + 6 = 12

12 hours in a day.

The number 9 also stands for:

  • Healer
  • Educator
  • Religion
  • Creator
  • Solution
  • Inspiration
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Universe or global
  • Completion
  • Transition
  • Transformation
  • Empowerment
  • Power
  • Universal power
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Understanding
  • Support
  • Always giving
  • Devotion
  • Devoted

Does this sound like your universal CREATOR RA RE? If yes, order your past, present and future reading today. If you become a CyberRev VIP Patreon after 3 months you will get a complete past, present and future calculation 100% FREE.

The above PDF does NOT include some 30 + potential questions needed to complete a FULL past, present and future reading. Life is more complicated than a few pages.

This universal, spiritual, reading can be for anyone even those in the afterlife.

I am sharing the universal fact, if it works numerically for RA RE it surely must work for all worldwide.

This spiritual, universal reading or calculation will surely last you a long time.

One has to register as I will need to send you a specific set of 30 + questions that must all be answered and for YOUR PRIVACY ONLINE I will send it by mail NOT email or we can do it by one phone call.


In RA RE Service.


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This is the Universal Secret your pastor, bishop, priest, rabbi, imam or clergy will NOT teach, coach or show you.

CyberRev has passionately been writing SPIRITUAL FREE content online for 10 + years. Please donate, we need your help to research, motivate and empower, people of all ages worldwide. 

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