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RA Kings & Queens Only!

RA Kings & Queens Only means: the Creator and universal KING can only create kings and queens of his Kingdom. Lets talk…

Your RA RE SUN shall no more go down, nor your moon withdraw itself; for the RA RE Lord will be your everlasting SUN-LIGHT, and your days of mourning shall be ended. – The real Isaiah 60: 20

How many times have you heard someone say: There must be more to this world or life?

There is, but due to the myths, fables, lies and deceptions of this man-made world, most people CANNOT see to believe: they were actually born kings and queens from birth of the Creator. The reasons:

  1. Most history of people have been re-written with racism, lies, slavery, man-made labels and mind-control. Even pink folks who think they are white are slaves to sin. evil, racism and world.
  2. Too many corrupted versions of religions and denominations.
  3. Too many people think they are black or white both are a lie.
  4. No school, college or university has taught or told: you are a king and queen by Royal RA Creator lineage of Ramesses I & Ramesses II; the real AbRAham of all bible versions.
  5. Royalty came from only RA of Kemet/Egypt RA Africa.
  6. Without Kemet/Egypt Africa mankind would not know any alphabet or bible version. The oldest human DNA is of Africa.
  7. Life is about living in the now as SPIRITUAL king and queen into your KINGDOM afterlife.
  8. This is what only Kemet/Egypt of RA/RE can teach, coach or preach eternally.


You are what you act, believe and live within and around. If you act and live religious, defending only your jesus or Allah religion or denomination, you best hope jesus or allah truly existed and knows more than Kemet/Egypt and the oldest human DNA of the Garden of Eden AFU-RA-KA aka Africa.

What most people on planet Earth do not know is Jesus or Iseous is a mythical, religious, denominational, lie and global deception.

In fact, most of what has been taught of world history, science and religions are mythical, deceptive, bias, fraudulent, lies and heresy. How can you violate, steal and corrupt the oldest universal diety and name of the only Creator RA/RE?

Tell the truth anything brown, Africa or black you hate or berate? Just because you know and hate the historic, biblical and scientific TRUTH.

So you ignored all facts, evidence and TRUTH the Garden of Eden and all things of the hieroglyphs bible and world; including science, astronomy, religions, alphabet, languages, mathematics all originated in Kemet/Egypt. Nubia, Kush, Hebrew, Africa. Even Royalty, dynasties and all wealth of the world.

The CREATOR will always be attached and reflect images of all things HE has created. This is why he has insects, animals, Sun, moon, stars around.

We are not born to worship, serve, believe or bow down to any other but the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Too many people of religions and world are bowing to lifestyles, religions and man-made beliefs of world, NOT ONE KINGDOM in and through us all of Spirit to spirit.

Do you think the Creator has his own KINGDOM for kings and queens eternally. If so, you cannot qualify unless you worship, serve and bow to his Holy eternal Creator name, Amun RA.

If you cannot believe in Amun RA do NOT say Amen, AbRAham, HalleluYAH or YIsRAel not fake Khazar copy-cat Israel of 1948.. Nothing and no-one beats being the only Creator RA RE as Diety of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Cosmos and Life eternal.

Kemet/Egyptian kings or pharaohs held the title “sons of Ra.” all believers are sons and daughters, also spiritual kings and queens eternally.

In His Service,


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