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RA Kings & Queens

RA Kings & Queens International is about training, motivatiing and empowering kings and queens of Creator RA worldwide.

  • Do you agree the world of twerking, gangs and violence is out of control?
  • Do you believe we need to train our children & teens to be kings and queens?
  • All Royalty is from Africa and the cREator RA only birthed kings & queens worldwide.
  • Do you believe as cREator kings & queens we are a birthright to WEALTH?
  • Do you believe we need faith and action of our Creator promises to win?
  • Are you willing to pRAy, pRAise and devote your entire life to KINGDOM GREATNESS?
  • Are you willing to join hands with fellow kings & queens of RA worldwide?

If you have answered yes to most or all of the above CONGRATULATIONS!


In His Service,


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