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RA Children of the SUN not son

What most parents forgot to research, learn or teach is we are all Royal children of the SUN not man-made son. Lets talk…

Imagine most people are taught or have heard there is only ONE CREATOR of Heaven, Earth and Universe. Yet, we have over 33 MILLION gods just in India alone; and thousands of religions and denominations worldwide. Why?

The truth of the matter is the Universal Creator of Heaven and Earth is clearly the one who gives us light, night, moon, stars, cosmos, DNA, breath, matter, energy, atoms, molecules, water, air, Spirit-to-spirit, food, seasons, gas, electricity, even eternal life.

This is why the Universal Creator is simply and factually the literal, shinning, universal, powerful, everlasting, SUN that shines and rules over all planets of the cosmos or universe. This is what T D Jakes, Creflo Dollar and Joel Olsteen quickly needs to learn and know; otherwise they face heavy judgment as wolves in sheep clothing.

I am ashamed and embarassed to admit it has taken me over 25 years to unravel the mystery of whom and what really is the ONLY CREATOR of Heaven and Earth. The journey, price and eternal ransom has been heavy and cost me more than my all.

I had to depart from Adventism, judaism, mega-church 1HR Sunday rise with orchestrated, pumped-up, gospel, mythical jesus, pantomine, bingo services. Which all they do collectively of all religions and denominations is create more religious blind slaves of the ‘Good Jesus Slave Ship‘ worldwide.


Dear Mother, it is NOT your fault. You could only give us what you were forced or taught by slavemaster history. And before you transcended into the Super Cosmos SKY, For years I tried to tell you it is SUN not the mythical son of religions and denominations. Still, I am covering you always and forever within and around.

Dear parents and mothers you are all Royal DNA of the Garden of Eden of 100% Africa which correctly spelled and named is AFU-RA-KA. Notice the RA and KA which proves eternaly the cREator as RA/RE and KA as universal Spirit-spirit. This is no accident, the cREator always signatures his cREative work and holy words like pRAise, pRAy, REward, REjoice, Amen, Amun.


The Sun not mythical son of man-made religions and denominations is the only universal power and energy of Heaven, Earth and the Universe. This is how the universal Creator smiles and says ‘Good Morning‘ my children of the SUN daily; as he did from the 1st Dynasty and period of time from the biblical Garden of Eden, Africa – AFU-RA-KA. And just to make sure we are never ever left in darkness, HE provides us with the Moon and stars as reflections of energy and matter of the mind, soul and Spirit-to-spirit.

The sad thing about this all, is mythical christianity or christian created by fake, religious, popes and pirates, of blood-thirsty, white knight templars of the Vatican know the truth the SUN not son is who rules over us all. Do you believe me? Watch this proof by photos:

As for the images think of Buddah, Sikh, Hindu gods and figurines even copycat Greek gods and goddesses they all learned from AFU-RA-KA and kemet [Not Egypt], Nubia, Kush, Hebrews of the AFRICA Garden of Eden from Genesis-Revelation into the Moon God of Islam and even fake Khazar Jews of Israel of 1948.

Now it is time to put RA and all the gods and goddesses of the universal KINGDOM as Eagle, Falcon, SUN, Lion, male and female, back in their NOT FALSE NARRATIVES OF MUMMIES/PHARAOH/EXODUS, but Royal kingdoms on Earth and Heaven eternally.

This is why Universal Truth is not yet popular of the world of people; but I am totally convinced once people begin reading, studying, praying, meditating and sharing this true, original, biblical facts, then many of all religions and denominations including Islam will come back to the One Creator RA/RE Most High.

Time is running out, and many people have NOT yet dug deep into their mind, soul and spirit within. Most have been given what they think is biblical, religion or denominational facts.

Even the youth and teens of the world are now being deliberately entertained and influenced by gaming, gambling, porn, XBOX, Bigo, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and even hiphop of gang violence, murder and satanic, carnal brainwash. Now teens as young as 14 will kill for 10 dollars to get high or eat a meal for the night worldwide.


And like I told family and someone else this week, where there is no LOVE, FAITH OR LOYALTY, there is no truth or honesty.

In His Service,


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If you think universal, cosmic, astronomy is NOT Kemet, Egypt, Africa like all pink bible versions including Christianity READ.

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