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Questions, answers, expressions

Questions, answers, expressions of people Dear CyberRev worldwide.

Dear CyberRev,

The Africa Bible is it paper or stone? A Africa Bible makes sense because there are many things surrounding Africa from the region, Pyramids, weather and hieroglyphs, which is the 1st Holy Bible.

In the Bible, it says Adam & Eve resided in the Garden of Eden which obviously had many fruits, vegetables and animals with allot of vegetation. Such creation of fruits, animals and vegetaion could only be possible in the location of Africa as you do not see exotic fruits, animals and rich vegetaion growing abundantly in most countries outside of Africa as a region.

Africa soil is fruitful, hot, rich and is perfect of divine Creation to administer the right daily temperature to grow such fruits and vegetation and give life to mankind and animals of every description. It would only make sense the 1st people of human civilization would also be dark-skinned as their skin naturally absorbs the sun and rarely gets burned, unlike western white people who need sun-burn lotion and sun tan cream.

How can Jesus ever exist without a suntan or born of Africa?

The hair, skin textures and many shades of dark-skinned people from beautiful dark to light, protect us against the burning hot sun. This is divine protection and location as the Garden of Eden.

If you look at so-called pink-white folks they get burnt in the sun which indicates such a climate and location is not their native or natural climate and location. Again, no way could it be a cold climate in which fruits, extoic food, fishes and animals could exist to supply continuous food to the world.

Also considering the fact Adam & Eve of Africa were permanently naked in the Garden of Eden, this is also PROOF this could not be a cold country like U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, Russia or China. This is hot Africa deliberate of Creator and Creation. This is fact not fiction but billions bow to a pink-white Jesus. Why?

Also YHWH RA is very forgiving and accepting of everyone HE has created and made in His image. He also takes care of us all regardless of our sins, evil or good. He does not discriminate against anyone for all mankind have derived from Africa.

Amun Re clothes and feeds all but judgement for all will come. It would only make sense that such an eternal Creator would allow everyone to choose between good and evil daily, regardless of what religion, belief, evil, colour or race they claim of world.

Therefore I think the Africa Holy Bible hieroglyphs is a very accurate Creation, testimony, education and location as the Garden of Eden in the beginning as human civilization for all.


Kingdom of YHWH Amun RA Reveeza – Belgium 18 years old.

CyberRev Reply – The oldest and 1st Holy Bible is always Stone. The oldest churches of Ethiopia, Kemet and Sudan Pyramids are actual churches to the Most High also in stone.

Do the Hieroglyphs mention or talk about Adam & Eve or AFRICA kings and queens and 1st human civilization? Yes and it takes deep to unravel deep universal, colorless truth.

I am amazed at such a mindset and understanding of the complexities surrounding Creation, human civilization, racism, Garden of Eden, laws, commandments, sin, evil etc of world coming from a 18 year old. I truly applaud you RB. I wish at 18 I could or did think and direct my thoughts in the way you have shown.

The hieroglyphs is the earliest Holy Bible on planet Earth. Without it there would be no so-called western religions or Bibles. There are so many things to research, ponder and consider surrounding who, what, when, where and how of Creation, human civilization, religions, denominations, new world order, truth and error etc.

Even to the point is anyone black or white? All I can say is keep researchng, studying and thinking wisely to know the pre-ordained and pre-destined FACT you are a born a AFRICA KINGDOM queen, proven of your shade and historical, biblical Kemet, Nubia, Hebrew heritage as facts.

We must all teach one to reach one of His eternal RA Yah Kingdom. – Shalom CyberRev.

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Jesus is a Mythical Clone

Dear CyberRev,

For me your Kingdom website is like stepping into a library but a spiritual one. I use your spiritual library daily for spiritual education and motivation. I do not know how many years it would take me or the average person to write and research all this information. I am learning things I would not otherwise think, do, or know. I now know who I am and where I come from, and where I am going by faith.

Thank You for His Kingdom – Ms A Pinas, Belgium.

Dear CyberRev,

Your What is Sex to the Creator article I shared and sent to others and here is my audio response.

Ms L Dillon USA/Brazil.

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