Pregnant By YHWH GOD

Pregnant by YHWH GOD is not fiction but truth.

The world even most religions & denominations are accustomed to women being pregnant and travailing in pain but few would ever understand the spiritual labor and travailing pains of a spiritual Man of YHWH GOD.

Are you pregnant of YHWH GOD within? I am definitely pregnant and to be honest with you I had to do some research to find out why am I feeling such pain within, especially when I hear the ‘Voice’ of His Holy Spirit, the pain increases as I am drawn into silence & solitude like Jonah and most of the prophets of the Bible wishing if only I could set sail on a cruise ship or boat and not have to suffer such pain and agony.

It’s Birthing Time!

It’s birthing time and I have been carrying out His Will for my life a long while…so long, my Mother and closest friends are wondering ‘What is wrong with you?’ “What is going on?’ But how can you ever explain or reveal to anyone: I AM PREGNANT OF YHWH GOD?

In my search I found this article entitled: Giving Birth to God’s Will I could not believe my eyes of the travailing words and descriptions of this article of truth. My stomach still feels pregnant and I know I am ready to give birth but the pain…mixed with [yes] fear and O YHWH GOD will you help me now, which has been my constant prayer and focus every second, minute, hour and day.

Few people will ever understand. This is unreal to most people even church-folks as to become pregnant of YHWH GOD can only be conceived, administered and birthed of YHWH GOD. This all begins first with a vision or dream then His promise within. One may not know…you are pregnant when you begin to make plans like a woman who is pregnant plans for the birth of her expected child, twins or triplets.

With a Man it is similar as he too begins to work hard, labor and make plans to birth his vision or dream and YHWH GOD knows the daily progress because He regularly tests the mind, soul, heart and spirit to see if one is in good spiritual health and obedient to His Voice and promises within.

The huge difference between world and Kingdom pregnancies is pregnancies of sex have a cycle of around 40 weeks but for Kingdom pregnancies it could take as long as 40-50 years like Abraham and Sarah. YHWH GOD is never in a rush. He does not think or create the way we do.

When YHWH GOD creates He really has already thought and predestined before the foundations of this world. So in most cases He is waiting on us not us on Him. He has actually been preparing us all our lives for this Kingdom calling, birth or blessing. Whether you believe in Creator YHWH or not makes no difference to what He has predestined or preordained for your life. We all will be tested and ultimately live out what we have always believed within unto eternal life or death.

So when it comes’ to the time of birthing of your dream or vision YHWH God begins the delivery signs to remind us time to birth. This often means:

  • Be Still
  • REST within
  • Meditate on His Word
  • Listen to His Holy Spirit
  • Trust ELOHIM with all of your might
  • Fear Not
  • Praise and Thank Creator YHWH for His blessings
  • Work and wait expectantly within.

This is often the end to a very long journey or road. One may have experienced trials, tribulations and adversity along the way like rejection, humiliation, homelessness, ridicule, gossip but it’s time to rejoice, YHWH has kept His promise and delivery and birth is now.


I wanted to share with you the truth of being pregnant for Creator YHWH. In many ways for me this is long, new, strange an experience I am still learning about. I know what I am birthing, I know how long I have been carrying this promise, vision and dream, I know the size and magnitude, the sacrifice and cost. I also know its arrival is now and like any woman in pregnancy as one nears birth you become more panicked, worried and anxious. So I am practicing fear not and be still within. YHWH GOD without you we can do nothing. Selah.