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Power of the Sun

The power of the Sun should remind us all of the power of the Creator of the sun, moon, stars and planets as one solar system, keeping us all alive daily. Lets talk...

Who can wisely ignore the universal fact the Sun is the most obvious, factual and powerful creation of the Creator Most High from Heaven to Earth daily as it shines?

Imagine mankind and all life on Earth would be DEAD without the Sun.

NO we don’t need to bow and worship the SUN, but we do need to bow and worship the CREATOR for provision of the sun, moon, stars and all things of Heaven and Earth.

If the truth betold most professed christians and christianity religions worldwide are blindly and SECRETLY worshipping the SUN OF GOD not the Son of God, because there is no such person or thing with NO J in Hebrew, and No J in the 1st Kings James Bible of 1611.

Watch these videos….educate thyself.

Be honest, what would YOU rather worship the SUN you can see with eyes, mind, spirit, power and glory which keeps us all alive daily, or the Greco-Roman white, blue-eyed SON of God with no sun-tan or evidence he ever existed?

This is why throughout history deep thinkers and most religions could NOT ignore the planetary solar systems or the SUN as real powers of the Creator of this universe. And like the above photo and video evidence religions and denominations worldwide are being mind-controlled like sheep, to bow and worship 12 disciples, EAST…er, Christ…mas and SUN…DAY BAAL worship, more than the Spirit to spirit Kingdom of YHWH RA within.

What most religions and denominations worldwide have done is they have created GODS and religions how they feel, see and imagine. This is against the monotheistic universal order, law and commandments of Creator YHWH RA Most High.

One cannot take WATER or TRUTH and mix it with anything else and expect it to remain pure and original. No way. This is why TRUTH is always written on stone not paper.

For the spiritual deep thinker and truth seeker of Heaven and Earth one has to now unravel all the deceptions and lies from beginning to end and return to the laws, statutes and root of Creator YHWH RA Most High within.

NO this is not the physical SUN, but the one who created and gives us the sun, moon, stars, seasons, life and all things in Heaven and Earth. Amen which means Amun RA..

In His Service,


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