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Power of Submission

Power of Submission – what do you think of the word submission? What if submission gives you power of humility, servitude, peace and rest would you submit?

I hear people saying: “Depends who I am submitting to or the hardened feminist saying no way!” Yet we all submit to someone or something on planet Earth or in Heaven and Earth daily.

To submit or not submit is your choice and prerogative. However, I can assure you that submission to the Creator or anyone that you LOVE is the most rewarding and powerful expression your life of mind, soul, spirit and heart can testify or action.


To think that YHWH RA GOD would bow down and serve mankind whom HE created in His likeness is astonishing. He faithfully and lovingly serves and provides love, grace, mercy, faith, Creation, breath, sun, moon, stars, day and night daily.

Yet if you read the Holy Bible of STONE and translated paper versions slowly, you will see Amun RA God has bowed and talked with valley of the kings, Abraham, Moses, Enoch, JOB, Sarah, Ruth, David, Jeremiah, Zechariah and so many others.

In fact, He still bows and talks via His gift of the comforter and Holy Spirit to people in the now. I understand if you do NOT believe this, but it is a 100% fact. It just takes study, devotion, trust, hope, faith and all will lead to INTIMACY of HIS LOVE,

I assure you for a man no woman and for a woman no man can exemplify love ignoring submission. This is why LOVE serves! LOVE saves! Love heals! Love even raises the dead and death has no sting.

Submission for YHWH RA GOD is LOVE! It is not the dirty word depicting powerlessness, inequality or inferiority the world of mankind promotes and serves.

If you have to argue with anyone over love, support, respect or RA GOD, perhaps it is time to let-go or fast and pray. Actually, I just wrote ‘time to walk‘ but the Holy Spirit instantly reminded me I am writing about LOVE = SUBMISSION.

He also reminded me I am working for the Shepherd as the sheep and His Spirit to spirit [Romans 8:16] it is wise to submit to His spiritual Love, counsel and calling.

Thank you YHWH RA there is only ONE LOVE and your universal LOVE is spiritual.  It is NOT carnal, religious, denominational or political. Just 100% Holy and Spiritual.

Such a fact blows a huge hole in the carnal world of SEX they often call love.


When two Christians make love or have sex is this love? This is a tough question and because no one can judge another makes it hard to answer. One thing for sure SEX IS NOT LOVE unless two people are married, so it strongly depends on the couple and whether or not they are:

  1. A Believer of YHWH RA – without belief within of the Creator RA who created all things of LOVE – how can you replicate or receive love?
  2. Baptized – not wet fingers, hairs or altar call confession’s but full immersion like the Prophet’s of 2 Chronicles 20:20 and Mark 1: 9 If baptism was a finger or a mouth they would not have gone out to sea or walk miles for baptisms.
  3. The TWO must be married and become ONE. See Genesis 2:24 otherwise it is adultery or fornication to YHWH RA GOD. You can create what sin or evil you desire but it does not alter or change the creation or rule of universal life and love.
  4. They would see love-making as HIS LOVE to make love.
  5. They would each have read and been convicted of their individual biblical and spiritual roles as Man and Woman.
  6. When two become ONE this is spiritual equality. Yet, the Woman is the RIB and the spiritual Man is the head of the spiritual Woman. This is to be actioned and obeyed by both through spiritual submission.
  7. Love for a single person is being ONE with YHWH RA GOD. This demands abstaining from sex, flesh and carnal lusts to reap His knowledge, wisdom and Love within.

Do You See How Far From Love The World, Religions & Denominations Have Become?

In conclusion, not just the world has wondered from His Laws, Love and Truth, but most religions and denominations. Now you have bishops who lead mega churches in the strip clubs and Hollywood also living with women for years claiming no sex. Yea right! Not judging just declaring RA God has eyes.

I too have been there, we all have played the game Man or Woman. The point here is there comes a time when YHWH RA GOD calls you…and this is likened to the president of a country giving you clemency.

How many times can one obtain forgiveness or clemency to sin and flesh and call yourself SAVED? The truth is more people are UNSAVED in need of daily submission to HIS laws and Love.

In His Service,


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