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Power of Mindfulness

Power of Mindfulness is using your brain, mind and thoughts positively to balance, empower and heal. Lets talk

Why do most humans SEEK OR JOURNEY outside of their within as if they are not created or born with ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE within?

I beiieve most humans love SIGHT and physical entertainment more than invisible faith, hope, trust and love. Most humans are also impatient and dislike silence, solitude and being STILL. They have always got to be perceived as busy or working hard why?

The global problem is most humans are stressed, over-worked, depressed, lonely, divorced, single and broke. Why?

Could it be most humans are mind-controlled and been taught a system of WORLD not universal or mindfulness Kingdom within? Is there a better way to teach or train up a child in the way they should go that is 1 John 2: 15-17 NOT OF THE WORLD, but of the universal Kingdom within? 100% yes.

You see the brain, mind and thoughts were perfectly created to operate and do what it does with more neurons, atoms and thoughts than any coursework, exam or PhD study.

What can Mindfulness do?

What mindfulness does is begin the human to spiritual process of relaxation, meditation, spiritual awareness and empowerment within. One does NOT need a religion or denomination all one needs is solitude, silence and willingness to to be still and allow Spirit to spirit to engage, instruct and empower within.

No negative forces, words or belief systems permitted.

The benefits of mindfulness are countless and priceless especially when one matures and begins to see a plan, patterns and promises for your life only you can positively hear, see and know within.

An experienced mindfulness or spiritual coach can only show you how to make this happen within.

Is this scientifically and spiritually beneficial? Absolutely 100%, better and easier than you or I trying to work it out.

Mindfulness of the innate power and spiritual creation of the universe is what most humans of all ages have NOT been taught or been still long enough to meditate and relax about worldwide.

The world has a way of using FEAR and chaos to imprison, enslave and mind-control people of all nations, tongues and people worldwide. This has to cease and the only way we can rise higher than religion, politics, science and advertising is mindfulness within daily.

In His Service,


Mindfulness Journey

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