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Planet Mercury is NOT Sebek

Planet Mercury is NOT Sebek, Sebau or or Sebku. Lets talk…

To most people on planet Earth the above title/heading means nothing. But what if I told you most people are being DECEIVED by their history, identity, religion, denomination and even knowledge?

Most things people have been told or taught worldwide have been STOLEN then TWISTED into enslaving, fooling and deceiving the world. LIARS & FAKERY always use similar words like Pharaoh, Emperor, Deity, Saint. There is a HUGE difference between fake Sebek and King Sobek.

I just found this website that states:

Many of us are waking up to the knowledge of ancient black history, and how understandings have been misinterpreted,  misunderstood, Misstranslated ( or lost in translation.), and often intentionally altered. And we now know that these processes lead to what we now call “religions”. [SOURCE]

I would add not just religions, but denominations and governments of this world. No country or religion like Vatican Rome can war, invade, enslave, steal or lie repeatedly without political support or approval. It is likened to modern-day Iraq, Libya, Palestine and Sudan. They create, plan and execute lies, sanction’s, invasion’s and or genocide.

AFRICA, Caribbean, Red Indians, Aboringines are no different they have been targeted for their Garden of Eden dynastic land, royalty, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The terrorists and invaders repeatedly used racism, evil, murder, lies, deceit and slavery to rob, steal and destroy ALL THINGS african, red indian, aborigine and caribbean.

Vatican Rome has fooled, manipulated and invaded the world right? Constantine has even created Christianity with a pink jesus connected to ENOCH the ethiopian, Moses the egyptian and Abraham the african. How?


Which religion do you see as a Country and religion in the world? Vatican City. Yet most people are so brain-washed and entertained they rarely research, read or question who created christianity or christian? Who created Islam? Why do muslims dress like nun’s and priests? Why is there NO J in the 1st King James Bible of 1611? How can jesus save when the 1st Slave ship was called jesus? And sailed by Europe and Rome.

This article is about Vatican Rome trying to steal even the planet Mercury.

Yet this is what the Papayrus of Ani, The Book of the Coming Forth states on Page 3: Consider who is the SERPENT SEBAU?

You can read this at SOURCE OR MERCURY link.

The Papayrus of Ani states the SERPENT is Sebau above right? Then the above link states:

Sebek is the name given to the planet mercury by the Egyptians during the Greco-Roman time. Earlier it was called “Sebku.” In astrology, mercury is styled as “the messenger of the gods.

It further states:

Sebku, Sebek and Sobek are etymologically related to “Seb,” from whence “Seba” and “Sebau” are derived. As “Seb” (Geb) is a name for the Earth God, Sebek or Sebku corresponds to information derived from earthly experiences (from outside of our self, as opposed to the spiritually intuited wisdom). We also have “Sba,” to educate; “Sbau,” school; “Sbat,” pupils; and “Sbai,” teacher.”

Then Wikipedia states:

So the Serpent is the fake Roman Mercury Diety and Sebau 100%, which makes the Vatican and Rome the Serpent of the Earth and world.

How can anyone EVIL claim to be connected to anything good of positive planetary energy especially creating a phoney Mercury diety or claim to be a messenger of God when this is a blatant LIE? Wikipedia does state it is MYTHOLOGY AS LIE.

But still this is very misleading, sinful, heresy and deceptive. People’s minds and lives are at stake here worldwide, we all have two choices Heaven and Hell eternally so why should anyone try to ENSLAVE & DECEIVE humans?

Believe it or not this is EXPLOSIVE facts. To think Vatican Rome the Serpent of world and Earth is not satisfied to kill, steal, destroy, enslave most of the world. Or alter times, laws and the Holy Bible written in STONE, plus steal 1st dynasty AFRICA artifacts, gold, diamonds then lie, fabricate and create their OWN religions, dieties and bible versions for cash, to then try to steal planet Mercury with a fake diety this is incredible.

There is NOTHING Vatican Rome has written, built or created without THEFT of AFRICA including alphabet, history, artifacts and all inaccurate Bible versions.

The TRUTH is: like most of the fake bible versions of Christianity and Rome they have used english and greek garbage for centuries to alter real SOBEK AFRICA dynasty of human civilization. Watch video below:

We are now living in the latter rain,



Pope Orders Release of Real God’s Name – LOL

”The Vatican Press Office has received more than two million inquiries regarding God’s name since the Pope’s announcement on Thursday. “Our phones have been ringing off the hook,” said one Vatican insider who spoke to BBC News on condition of anonymity. “Understandably, everyone wants to know [His] name,” the insider said. That sentiment isn’t limited to the public.”

Do you know all religions & denominations including Christianity i.e. jesus are FAKE LYING copies of Kemet/Egypt Amun RA, Horus & Osiris?

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