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Pharmaceutical Killers

Pharmaceutical killers manufacture, market and distribute harmful drugs often through sales reps to licensed doctors, medical professionals to patients even unto death. Lets talk...

I would like you as the reader to watch the videos below then consider people, friends or your family member you have heard or know are addicted to drugs or prescribed medication.


As a world of people of many ages, cultures, consmer goods, beliefs, trials, challenges and ideologies. It is important as mankind at any age, we understand what is good and evil within and around.

NO it is not normal for anyone to become a drug addict. It is also not normal for anyone to become a drug-addict, alcoholic or obese. Mankind as people must learn to choose wisely what they believe, eat and choose as a lifestyle or habit.

I can hear someone saying: I had an accident and my Doctor prescribed for me this drug, then I became an addict. No one can judge anyone, but anything that distorts the human mind or body towards pain, hallucination or addiction, should seek professional help to reverse such an experience.

I am trying to help save victims who desire a WAY OF ESCAPE using their own mindset. I understand the feeling of despair, life is too hard to bear, unemployed, too often hungry, broke, destitute or body injured in need of pain relief.

I myself suffer from a couple of things like Osteoporosis of the knee, I have no ligament so it is bone on bone, I wear a strap permanently and that is just one issue. I could get any pain killer medication I guess, but I refuse to take anything stronger than Ibuprofen.

I have also just had surgery for the second time with intense physiotherapy and decided the best place for me [by doctors referal] is the gym for mind, soul, body and spirit. As for income in 2019, I could not kneel for the past year or squat too low or I would fall over.

I am sharing this because I genuinely want to help SAVE some children, youth and adults who are facing all kinds of issues and problems within and around. I know what it is like to want to give up, roll in a corner and never get out of bed. Or to stay in bed to save money or escape the cold.

I hope you will watch the above videos and also read I AM article to use your own mind, belief, motivation and power within to help reduce the need for drugs.

One has to always seek professional medical advice but common sense, belief and faith are also required.

In His Service,


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