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Persuading Yourself

Persuading Yourself, is one of the most difficult things and practices to do lets talk...

Have you ever listened deep within for more than an hour? You tried to silence all your thinking and thoughts and concentrate on just listening or hearing [only] from the Holy Spirit or still small voice within? Mindfulness is not easy but it is essential and priceless.

Throughout my life I am always surprised and blown away by the POWER of the universe and Holy Spirit, regardless of what religion or denomination you claim or do not claim the KINGDOM OF CREATOR YHWH RA regulates daily all things in Heaven to Earth and is living and alive 24/7.

This is why it states: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN. Luke 17:21

I also read in Genesis Chapter 1 how creation used words and sight to declare and name day, light, night and darkness. We all have the same power IF we wisely use our creative mind, soul, spirit and body to tune into universal power of thoughts, belief, trust and faith within to rule the without.

This is why we can have whatever we desire for AS A MAN OR WOMAN THINKS SO IS HE OR SHE of universal LAW. – Proverbs 23:7

This is amazing, true and powerful yet many people do not know how to access such power, wisdom and knowledge.They do not understand they do not have to attend a building, service or church to acquire HIS POWER.

They only need to meditate, ask, LISTEN, trust and believe with laser focus to win within.

How to Persude Yourself Within

How to persuade yourself within, first takes knowledge, wisdom and understanding of what is true NOT false. Read this again…for your religion and denomination may not be truth or anywhere near truth.

Religion and denomination is NOT truth including Islam unless it is written in stone not transliterated white or islam versions on paper.

This is why its a narrow way and FEW CAN FIND IT….read Matthew 7: 14

I feel I am now at the point in my life October, 2019 where I am no longer going to persuade anyone but myself of what I believe or declare to be true or false in Heaven and Earth. Yes, I will share CyberRev but if by sharing it does not convict, educate or empower change I have done my all.

I am begining to understand there is nothing more to be added or subtracted in Heaven and Earth that has not been declared from the Kemet, Nubia, Egyptian hieroglyphs of purest TRUTH dating thousands of years from the Garden of Eden as Africa, to the inferior transliterated bible versions of world with its fake white jesus, 12 disciples of Greco-Roman pink-wash spin or errors.

I also now understand it is time for one to WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH HIS UNIVERSAL KINGDOM TRUTH with fear and trembling within. – Philippians 2:2

Now just because Philippians 2:2 states this does not mean there was anyone called Philipp or Philippians. One has to ask and research who was Philippian and where did he learn this truth? This is what one must do with everything one reads or considers truth or lie, find out out how and why get the facts within.

Only when one gathers, researches and has bold facts WITHIN can one then meditate, empower, believe and call into being these facts of universal law, commandments and power. You will be surprised the most powerful things of knowledge, wisdom and understanding are executed in truth, faith, confidence and silence.

Just this week, I feel I am being taken to new heights within. I am learning to think SELF 1ST in and through unity, obedience, faith and belief 24/7. I must please the Most High at all times 1st before I even please self or others. This is the only way of the KINGDOM and universal RA Law that works or blesses us within.

This often requires saying NO or letting go of people, things or situations.

It is a blessing when people reject, forsake or dislike you or your belief. You no loger have to deal, persuade, convince or waste time on such people even if family, friends or relatives. This is why the Holy Bible learned from Kemet, Nubia, Africa of the Garden of Eden and monotheism what matters is CREATOR RA 1ST as found in Psalms Chapter 1 and Exodus 20: 3

Try mastering mindfulness of self 1st, make it fruitful more than you can think or ask, then others will see one is balanced, prosperous and highly favoured of HIS KINGDOM RA within.

Also ignore everything others think or feel about you, as it does not matter according to universal Law. Judge not and ye shall not be judged. – Matthew 7:1 You are not a label or stereotypical world experiment, you are a king and queen of the Most High.

What matters most is what YOU say or think about YOU within. – Proverbs 23:7

So to persuade yourself you will need:

  1. Be still and know I am Creator Most High – Psalms 46: 10
  2. Do NOT be afraid too still go down to Kemet, Nubia, Egypt to become a great nation – Genesis 46: 3
  3. The KINGDOM OF RA is within Luke 17: 21
  4. Claim your promised land of Abraham beginning from the rivers of Egypt Genesis 15: 18
  5. How can you claim any promise and ignore Kemet, Nubia and Egypt? Examine the Egyptian hieroglyphs if ye be wise within.
  6. Remember TRUTH is a narrow way or road few can find it Matthew 7:14
  7. Meditate be still and silent within this is power few practice.
  8. One has to believe to receive and faith, trust, hope are required.

When one practices the above 8 STEPS then one will master the art of not just controlling your thoughts and thinking, but what bothers you most within.

We have the power to turn-off what adversely bothers us instantly, then refocus, delete or keep what we want to think, believe or trust harmoniously 24/7. I can show you the way.

In His Service,


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