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Patience & Longsuffering

Patience & Longsuffering are embedded or attached to the ‘fruits of the Spirit‘ even as an unbeliever or atheist, one needs patience and with or without patience expect long-suffering.

Have you ever wondered am I the only one experiencing or going through this? You maybe long-term unemployed, unlucky or failure seems to be your expertise.

Or you have been single or divorced so long, you think something is wrong. It’s one storm, rejection or loss after another, daily, which keeps you battered, bruised and lacking, but still you fight the good fight of faith within.

Does this describe you? The worst part is not you but having loved ones or people close to you watch, support and bear your LONGSUFFERING at times it can be painful, stressful and embarrassing.

This mimic’s the life of JOB, ENOCH, David, Ruth, Esther or Solomon within and around. So who invented patience, trials, longsuffering and the fruits of the Spirit?

It has to be Creator YHWH RA RE. as He Created and ultimately controls all things good and evil, right? [Genesis 2:9]

And out of the ground made RA the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

So if Creator YHWH RA RE controls and invented all things good and evil what do we have to fear if we serve YHWH RA RE? Nothing!

Even if you disagree, this does not stop us all walking His Holy Word and universal truth within and around. We all have to first deny or believe it, then be tested of God, judged of our faith or belief, reject or surrender to God, then bear and walk by good, love, faith with action, daily.

This is where you will encounter or need the ‘fruits of the Spirit‘ alongside faith, trust, patience and longsuffering.

So what is Patience & Longsuffering?

Just this week I was thinking it’s almost December and what have I achieved over the past decade? Financially I have sacrificed or spent over 350K cash, that might sound high, but is only a mere 35K per annum., so my overheads are low and I do not have loans or major debts.

Yet still I am caught deeply in LONGSUFFERING for the past decade I have worked diligently on what Creator YHWH RA/RE has given to me and I am trying to scale or take-off and like any business or ministry, to scale or take-off can be longsuffering. Still, I have to have faith, hold and trust in His promises.

The strange thing about any assignment from Creator YHWH RA is one really cannot abandon ship. Your in it till death do you part or Creator YHWH RA instructs one otherwise. 

Creator YHWH RA, RE usually assigns your passion or His Jacobs ladder, divine calling, test, trial or judgment for your life from beginning to end.

One then has to bear your test, trial and climb His ladder rung by rung, step by step with patience, faith, hope and longsuffering.  For without patience, faith, hope and longsuffering one will NEVER fulfil or please Creator YHWH RA.

Also one will never keep the faith, trust, hope or dream alive. In your patience, faith, hope, trust and longsuffering its bearing the shame, hunger, rejection and lack which often hurts the most.

You can feel fearful, isolated, cornered, weak, weary, angry, forgotten or down-trodden or repeatedly crucified. Even if you are a devoted 12 Tribes of Yisrael Kingdom believer of Creator YHWH RA.

You will feel some or most of the above. I certainly do! I even prayed to Creator YHWH RA this week and informed Him I have everything else but joy or dominion, I want His joy and dominion. His reply to me was read Jeremiah 12 and Isaiah 42.

When you read the above chapters it truly explains all. First, Jeremiah 12 begins with Jeremiah proclaiming ‘YHWH RA is always right!” But Jeremiah skillfully announces he would like to ‘reason‘ with Creator YHWH.

But Thou, O LORD, knowest me, Thou seest me, and TRIEST my heart toward Thee; pull them out like sheep for the slaughter, and prepare them for the day of slaughter. – Jeremiah 12:3

As you can see even Jeremiah declares he is often TRIED & TESTED this is the hallmark of RA Kingdom believers past, present and future worldwide.

One has to be tried and tested and will wisely need patience, trust, hope, faith and longsuffering as a final push into your YHWH RA RE promised destiny.

Nothing I have ever done is without YHWH RA directing my footsteps, even in blindness or fear I would march into action daily against all obstacle and enemies.

His WILL always wins. In Isaiah 42 one can read: ‘Who is blind but my servant?‘ even deaf it also states. This is why the just walk by faith not by sight but try explaining that to your friends and family.

The Fruits of the Spirit

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith. – Galatians 5:22

Please do NOT ignore the fruits of the Spirit. They are NOT our fruits but Creator YHWH RA RE universal fruits and fresh fruits are like fresh flowers pleasing to the eyes, ears, nose and Spirit. 

The above fruits are also Holy Spirit fruits of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith. So LONGSUFFERING is not bad…its a good thing!

Even if one has to bear the pain, longsuffering and shame when you have no job, money, food or friends keep going all the way. Sometimes longsuffering means you have to literally give or sell your all,

I call it ‘Treasures in Heaven‘ YHWH RA RE is taking whatever He wants or desires as a ransom and storing them in Heaven as a witness of our faith in action.

This can be likened to Abraham offering up his only begotten son Isaac when YHWH RA speaks to one within like Noah, Moses, David or others you either obey or disobey its your choice.

The fruits of His Spirit can never become attached to our spirit unless we bear FRUIT of all. So the love and joy fruit is just as important as the longsuffering and faith fruits.

So when you are feeling ‘down’ or depressed because of the longsuffering it actually is a good indicator or sign your firmly in the FRUITS OF HIS SPIRIT.

Patience and longsuffering is not easy or always pleasant, also no two people will ever have the same identical journey, encounter or experience on Earth.

For me, I am amazed how most religions & denominations or professed Christians run or rarely celebrate someone who is going through LONGSUFFERING.

A close friend of mine reminded me yesterday ‘Its been ten years now…I don’t get it.‘ She was speaking of ten years no breakthrough or signs of joy or rejoicing.

I am grateful I have more than one witness to my long-suffering. I pray to YHWH RA RE that these words and article be accredited to my witness, walk and His judgement of the now into my eternal after-life.

Amun, Amen.

In Universal Service,


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