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Original Festivals of the Bible

Original festivals of the Bible written in STONE were festivals paying homage to a universal Creator of breath, sun, moon, stars and seasons. Lets talk...

Religions and denominations like to pantomine and make false claims they keep festivals and holidays of the Most High. This is a lie. They have created their OWN versions of the Bible and OWN versions of their religion and festive seasons i.e. jewish holidays, Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc.

Think about it, any spiritual or biblical festival has to focus on the cosmos, universe, Heaven, Earth and season’s in honour of the Creator and all his angels, gods and goddesses HE has listed or named from the beginning of time and start of human civilization.

Anything less would be a dishonour to his Holy name, power, love, provision and blessings. So how do we get pumpkin heads, christmas trees and easter eggs alongside kosher foods etc? Is this carnal, religious and denominational BAAL worship?

To discover what is the oldest human, biblical, spiritual and holy festivals to one Creator RA, we have to go back to the root of human civilization. Back to the real Garden of Eden and real Adam & Eve who were of AFRICA not the west, asia or anywhere else. Factual Reason, nothing and no country or people pre-date AFRICA.

Oldest Kemet/Egypt Sundial Millions of Years Old

All religions, denominations, festivals and original deities derive from Kemet/Egypt AFRICA. The global problem are fakes, myths, fables and lies do not worship, pay homeage, truth and originality to AFRICA or Creator RA. Also real history of the world does NOT begin with white or pink invaders, terrorists, discoverers or pirates.

I believe times are changing and this has to be corrected as all religions, denominations and false images and beliefs must ultimately bow down to I AM Creator RA of this universe. What will you do? Who will you become or be within? Whatever you choose or decide one can only choose truth or error, good or evil, right or wrong.

In His Service,


Holy Festivals of Kemet/Egypt RA

Genesis, Christmas, Africa Truth

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