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Nome, Village & Kingdom

Nome, Village & Kingdom is what most people have no idea was created by africans of Africa who were real, royal, kings and queens. Then westerners renamed such people PhaRAoh’s to stigmatize and belittle them, yet copied and stole their royal land, titles, artifacts and wisdom. Lets talk…

The word Nome is the Greek term for african SEPAT which is spiritually associated with the word Kingdom. This is how and what africans of Kemet/Egypt lived and ruled in their Kingdom or Sepat, Nome to heights of wealthy royals and monarchs, unrivaled or surpassed today, worldwide.

For some people, this is like another story, for others this is an AWAKENING. This is biblical confrmation that the words: King of kings and Lord of lords are accurate metaphors of exactly what the Creator RA intended for his children and people not just in Africa, the Garden of Eden; but throughout the world as believers only of RA, his gods and goddesses.


We were robbed, enslaved & relabelled to believe in a pink jesus who sailed the 1st slave ship the ‘Good Jesus‘ to capture, rape, enslave and murder africans and amer-indians from the Caribbean, Africa and worldwide.

The culture of Egypt did not originate upon the Lower Nile, who then was her teacher. It was the ancient Cushite Empire of Ethiopians, which weighty authorities tell us ruled over three continents for thousands of years. Should the world wait longer to test the truth of these ancient witnesses? Beside these gigantic achievements, the petty conquests of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and of Napoleon Bonaparte, fade into insignificance. – Source

Kemet/Egypt was allegedly first invaded in 526-525 BC by Cambyses II which I am beginning to believe most western history is like pink jesus a myth, legend, fable and lie of deception, like Christopher Columbus, Alexander the Great and roman dieties etc.

When one has to alter and copy 100% truth written in STONE then stolen, altered, bastardized onto paper and translated into what YOU think truth should look like of colour or color, land, location, belief, religion and lifestyle. It is only a matter of time the world of people will know only the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE within.

This is why most people on planet Earth have been robbed, enslaved and relabelled from your name, religion, denomination or the fact you are ROYALTY from the Garden of Eden of Africa. Most don’t even know it within of mind, soul and spirit.

Do you think the rod or scepter of Amen or Amun Amen is fact or fiction? Why do you say AMEN when you pRAy or pRAise?

Your Nome, Village & Kingdom

As believing children of the only Creator of Heaven and Earth, which if you do the research, can only be RA/RE or Amun RA. The above photo is proof they know where they stole, copied and altered the history of royalty from.

I truly believe we are living in time of increased knowledge, wisdom and understanding and and all religions and denominations even fake monarchs and royals MUST fall as the universe, planets, gods and goddesses repay and judge all evil and karma over the last 3,000 plus years.

This is the real retrograde, conjunctions and transits of the planets and cosmos of the universe most clergy, pastors and bishops are too ignorant and blind as wolves in sheep clothing to preach, coach or teach, worldwide. Most have sadly become mind-controlled, man-made, slaves of world and religions including christianity and Islam.


This is why we need to return, go back to the ROOT of spirituality, truth, righteousness and Spirit-spirit of the cosmos as gods, goddesses, kings and queens who understand and live daily of: duality MAAT, cosmos, and universal energy into the afterlife.

Our biblical Africa & Amer-Indian ancestors lived as real kings, queens and royalty of Creator RA, into the afterlife, here on Earth. Something most religions and denominations still howl, huff and puff about, yet lie through their religious teeth.

In His Service,


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