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Most Powerful Prayer or Mantra

Most powerful prayer, chant or mantra requires the most powerful words of Heaven to Earth. Lets talk...

What is a Mantra or Chant?

A mantra or chant is no different to a prayer or song of words. It is the truth, power and meaning behind all words that dictate whether it is postitive, negative, good or evil energy.

What does the word OM mean?

The word OM has variously been associated with concepts of “cosmic sound” or “mystical syllable” or “affirmation to something divine”, or as symbolism for abstract spiritual concepts.

NO! I am not promoting any religion or denomination all I am wisely doing is using all good of words, sounds, songs, wisdom, truth and meaning to create the most powerful mantra, chant or prayer to the Creator Amun RA Most High.

What does Amun RA mean?

Amun RA means “so be it | let it be so” the same root and meaning as Amen., Among Kemet/Egypt deities, the Creator Amun RA was considered to be the monotheistic Creator king of the gods, a supreme universal Creator. He is the Kemet/Egypt and universal world ruler of fertility and life. Kemet/Egypt gods were ‘born’ as kings of the KING at various points in the history of Kemet/Egypt Africa. Many reigned as all prophets and rulers in and out of popularity with people and world, Amun RA is still present as uiversal Creator of life, love, truth, universe, Spirit-spirit, biblical and spiritual wisdom of Kemet/Egypt people and world from the beginning of human civilization ETERNALLY.

How to use this powerful Prayer, Mantra or Chant

  1. Relax, be still, lie in bed or sit and pause with STILLNESS then recite OM AMUN RA repeatedly.
  2. Best to do this as soon as you wake or are feeling under spiritual attack, fear or anxiety.
  3. Do NOT listen to the words of humans or dictionaries who describe Kemet/Egypt as a MYTH. How can the oldest biblical, spiritual, human civilization of Creator and people be a MYTH?
  4. This POWERFUL mantra, chant & prayer silences all evil and negativity.
  5. Repeat mantra, chant, prayer 7 times per session.
  6. Try to center your mind and BE STILL WITHIN. Amen.
  7. Place your mind, soul, spirit and faith in the Creator of the universe only 24/7.

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