• Spiritual Power is Creator breath, we all shall possess eternally or temporarily. – CyberRev

    Spiritual Power is all around each and every person alive. Spiritual Power is what mankind should seek and aspire […]

  • People and Kings of the Earth is anyone who lives according to the Earth as world and things of the world. Even people who attend religions and denominations weekly can still act, depend and love things more world […]

  • Are you appointed of YHWH GOD? If yes, what is your divine, spiritual and Kingdom appointment?

    It is life-changing when one sits and ponders or discovers one could actually be called, chosen and ‘appointed’ of […]

  • Chosen People are Solitary People, just like the Children of Yisrael, Judah and ZION most precious of all to Creator YHWH Most High found in Lamentations Chapter 1

    I wanted to write as I am studying […]

  • How to WIN with God is to first know Creator YHWH God.

    To achieve this one should try praying, talking and reading how believers and masters of the Bible as Prophets battled and struggled to win with Creator […]

  • Understanding the Book of Joel is more than a message or warning to WORLD, it is a warning to rich, political and religious leaders of WORLD.
    Hear this, ye old men, and give ear, all ye inhabitants of the land. […]

  • Lost or Losing My Religion is inevitable, as Creator YHWH is not and never will be religious. There is only One universal and eternal Creator and denomination from Heaven to Earth.
    Creator YHWH LORD is King for […]

  • Joshua & Twelve Tribes Holiness teaches us even today from Genesis to Revelation nothing has changed, Creator YHWH still demands obedience, holiness, righteousness and no sin in His camp.

    This Shabbat or Holy […]

  • When Creator YHWH GOD visits you, He first tests or disrupts your day or plans to see how your mind, soul, heart and spirit to mouth responds.

    Creator YHWH likes to come, visit or turn-up unexpected. He likes […]

  • Knowledge, wisdom, understanding explained in a universal sentence is YHWH Creator. Who else gives us sun, moon, stars, seasons, light, night and breath daily for free?

    Let’s face the truth: there is no human […]

  • Marvin Gaye Man of Love is the right conclusion that summarizes his mind, soul, spirit and heart. Yes, we all fall down and have sinned but we all receive YHWH forgiveness, striving to arise or stand up […]

  • Praying without ceasing is a wonderful encounter & experience, especially when one understands why one is praying without ceasing and giving THANKS to Creator YHWH.

    I am writing this after literally praying […]

  • How to Hear Creator YHWH GOD takes meditation, silence, submission and peace.

    The above is more difficult for a newbie as their mind is like the freeway or motorway racing with thoughts, traffic, fear, anxiety […]

  • Blow Ye the Trumpet in Zion one first needs to know where is Zion. What if I told you Zion has more to do within than of any Country or location of map.

    You see, Zion is Holy it is a place where Creator YHWH, […]

  • YHWH means the One who causes life. This should immediately replace any other western interpretation including fake modern Hebrew of fake Israel of 1948 imitating ancient Hebrew Judaic Yisrael.

    One thing to […]

  • Lean not to your own understanding is like saying let me think and direct your life for you daily. Or don’t think and drive of life unless I am steering the wheel.

    I have spent several days reading many books […]

  • Adam & Eve Lessons of Life.

    What can we all as humans learn from Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden and life? I am sure you will agree we can learn both positive and negative lessons as a result of good, evil, […]

  • Physical Water + Spiritual Water = Lives. Water will become the most important investment and commodity for everyone worldwide.

    As Donald Trump makes the worst decision of his presidential career to exit the […]

  • Promotion to Right-hand of YHWH Creator God. Is it possible to get promoted to the right-hand of YHWH God while still living in but not of world? 100% yes.
    YHWH LORD saith unto my lord: ‘Sit thou at My right […]

  • Why no one is in control of life but the Creator, may shock some or anger others but this is fact not fiction.

    Most humans or mankind like to think or believe they are intelligent, fearless, wise and have power […]

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