• Ever wondered why people who serve Creator YHWH Most High are often poor, afflicted, chastened and weary? Believe it or not, this is testing and longsuffering for good, blessings and glory.

    Read Luke 6: 20-21 […]

  • Elvis, Lisa Marie, Michael Jackson & Katherine Jackson as a title or heading has to be pure Heaven. This is fact not fiction! Let me explain why…

    I just spent over 3 hours watching videos of all of the […]

  • Understanding Zephaniah of the Holy Bible takes prayer, meditation and reading of prophetic words slowly, as if eating holy bread of living and life.

    One fundamental rule is the Holy Bible is NOT a story! It […]

  • Monotheism makes Heaven smile because in life we mostly have two opposites or choices like good or evil, Heaven or hell, love or hate, monotheism or polytheism.

    In this spiritual article, I want to […]

  • What if you discovered jesus, zeus, iesous makes no vowel, translation, biblical, spiritual or Hebrew Kingdom sense?  Could white jesus christianity be a fake, fable, man-made religious, new world order […]

  • Proof Solomon Temple & King David real, is a controversial and difficult topic or matter to address for many reasons surrounding religious, denominational, biblical, political, theological, scientific, historical […]

  • 2018 Prophecy explained, like UN Resolution 194 the returning of Yisrael 12 Tribes of back from captivity of Babylon of world, Jeremiah 29:10, back to their homeland Yisrael not fake Israel of UN 1947.

    The […]

  • 10 reasons single women lost, is largely due to selfishness, incorrect reality, misconceptions and denial they need Man as Creator YHWH God hath made and ordained.

    Ask most women including Beyonce: You need a […]

  • Red Blood Moon or blood red moon are prophetic warnings of God, Creator YHWH Most High. The prophet Joel wrote:

    The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of […]

  • The Kingdom of Heaven, is the most important and powerful creation, place, thought and meditation any human living on Earth can imagine, think, act and move towards within and around.
    Simply and factually the […]

  • How to be Blessed, is taken from the entire Holy Bible beginning with Genesis to Revelation.

    Most people believe when they get baptized or accept Jesus or Yahuwah into their hearts, minds and lives, they are […]

  • The Book of Ezekiel, is a Holy Book of prophecies not just past but present and future. In the Book of Ezekiel, one can learn many things, how Creator YHWH God communicates with his chosen Children, to what makes […]

  • Rev1 wrote a new post, Spiritual Power 10 months ago

    Spiritual Power is Creator truth, breath and power we all shall possess eternally or temporarily. – CyberRev

    Spiritual Power, is all around each and every person alive. Spiritual Power, is what mankind should […]

  • People and Kings of the Earth, is anyone who lives according to the Earth as world and things of the world. Even people who attend religions and denominations weekly can still act, depend and love things more […]

  • Are you appointed of YHWH GOD? If yes, what is your divine, spiritual and Kingdom appointment?

    It is life-changing, when one sits and ponders or discovers one could actually be called, chosen and ‘appointed’ of […]

  • Chosen People are Solitary People just like the Children of Yisrael, Judah and ZION. They are all precious to Creator YHWH Most High found in Lamentations Chapter 1

    After studying Lamentations Chapter 1 the first […]

  • How to WIN with God is to first know Creator YHWH God.

    To achieve this one should try praying, talking, reading how believers and masters of the Bible as Prophets, battled, and struggled to win with Creator YHWH […]

  • Understanding the Book of Joel is more than a message or warning to WORLD. It is a warning to rich, political and religious leaders of WORLD.
    Hear this, ye old men, and give ear, all ye inhabitants of the land. […]

  • Lost or Losing My Religion is inevitable, as Creator YHWH is not and never will be denominational or religious. There is only One universal, eternal Creator and Kingdom from Heaven to Earth.
    Creator YHWH LORD is […]

  • Joshua & Twelve Tribes Holiness teaches us even today from Genesis to Revelation nothing has changed. Creator YHWH still demands obedience, holiness, righteousness and no evil in His Kingdom or camp.
    This Shabbat […]

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Christian or Christianity? Unravelling difference's between religions and denominations of world.

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