• Are you tired of religion? Tired of hearing weekly lectures and man-made promises of how your going to be blessed, you feel good, happy, great, go home, week after week and your still waiting into years or […]

  • Crushing of Creator God, is something most religions and denominations largely ignore and do not want or like to preach.

    Who really wants to hear about the crushing of Creator God YHWH RA Most High? Who will […]

  • Ancient Kemet/Egypt, Nubia, Hebrew Africa understood universal order, worship, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the universe was central or keys to Kingdom survival and daily blessings on Earth as it is in […]

  • Thou shalt not kill, we are all gang members! What does mankind not understand of these divine words? Read more….

    Since learning Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed, I am frozen within. If like me, you have […]

  • Ankh Spirit to spirit not Cross, is how the Egyptians connected everything on Earth to the Kingdom or universe of Creator YAHAWAH RA Most High.

    They wanted more than to worship, walk or live on Earth they […]

  • Nipsey Hussle Hustle eternal RA, Nipsey Ermias Asghedom was created of the Creator as he blessed, healed and united the world in 33 years. Nipsey Hustle is king, legend and son of YAHAWAH RA.

    Eternal YHWH […]

  • Amen is Amun more than 3,000 years old. So why do many Christians and Christianity say Amen? Do they know what Amen means? Is it good or bad? What if I told you Amen as Amun is more divine and accurate, than the […]

  • Egypt is not only Africa, it is still the heart of human civilization.

    Africa with all its continents, sits at the heart of global history, science, religions, languages, astrology and architecture. The […]

  • Thought+Word+Faith=Action this is how universal Creation works. Read more…

    Do you know what is and how universal Creation works? Do you long for the power to create with the Creator? What if the Creator […]

  • Transformation being renewed, within is a lifestyle, topic or experience few people understand or desire to encounter. Find out why…

    Transformation being renewed within needs to be discussed more among […]

  • Meditation + Law = Power only if the Law is Universal Law. Read more…

    To live and become successful has NOTHING to do with world or the things of world. Are you surprised? The world is actually people not a […]

  • When Two agree = power. This is universal promise and power. Read more…

    Be honest, even if your a professor, pastor or bishop can you achieve TWO people in 100% agreement? This is difficult right? Almost […]

  • Rev1 wrote a new post, Power is WITHIN 1 month ago

    The global problem with mankind is few research, study, believe and know, power is within and is never outside of oneself. The Creator of this universe divinely ordered love is powerless unless it is […]

  • Garden of Eden Truth in Mesopotamia or is it in Africa? Read more to find out…

    If anyone is searching for the Garden of Eden Truth surely one would need to seek biblical, historical counsel and evidence of […]

  • The renewing of mind Yah what a surprise! To renew the mind can take years or decades. Life is truly a long journey.

    When your taught only from the religion of muslim, christian, christianity, judaism, […]

  • What do you know about Akhenaten & Aten as truth? What if I told you Akhenaten was Moses? Also Monotheism as one universal Creator is created by Aten and Akhenaten? Not any other person, religion or denomination […]

  • How much is Peace worth? I believe peace to be priceless. To live a daily peaceful life with no fear, worry, pain or afflictions is priceless.

    There is only ONE UNIVERSAL PEACE which can only come from one […]

  • Escaping your Egypt & bondage, fundamentally takes what most people ignore of world, religion and denominations worldwide. Do you know what that is? Explore, read more.

    Do you feel living is bondage? Even for […]

  • Holy Spirit power is key, glue and the ultimate experience of living and life. Do you understand or know the Holy Spirit?

    The Holy Spirit is more crucial and valuable than all things world. Imagine everything […]

  • Ever wondered why people who serve Creator YHWH Most High are often poor, afflicted, chastened and weary? Believe it or not, this is testing and longsuffering for good, blessings and glory.

    Read Luke 6: 20-21 […]

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Creator is universal Kingdom YHWH RA within not religion!, denomination or world.

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