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Meditation Benefits

Meditation Benefits is something every human-being should ponder, research and explore as a journey of the within to rule the without. Read and watch information below.

Lets first begin with what is meditation? Very simply to me, meditation is meditating or the act or exercise of relaxation of the mind, soul and spirit within to meditate on one’s thoughts, feelings of mind, heart, soul and spirit within.

The Oxford dictionary defintion for meditation is:

Meditation (on something) (formal) serious thoughts on a particular subject that somebody writes down or speaks.

I find the above definition limited in scope as one can write down, speak, think, correct, balance, mediate, accept or reject whilst meditating within.

The hardest part of meditation or meditating is what to accept or reject within. Try to always keep all thoughts and beliefs spiritual, positive and heavenly. – CyberRev

Is there a right and wrong way to meditate? I think so, for the reasons one needs to meditate first in silence, solitude, peace, quietness, harmony ensuring your mind is absent of anxiety, stress or noise within and around.

Sure, before one seeks or enters into the act or exercise of meditation or meditation benefits we may feel anxious, stress, worry, confusion, fear and or blame within. This is common of living in a hectic world of stimuli, thoughts, habits, trials, afflictions, challenges, suffering etc.

Even for celebrities or professional educated people they are stressed with having to perform, win, meet deadlines to keep their job, lifestyle, business, marriage or reputation. The bottom line is, people are people and we all live in the same world and are challenged by laws, statutes, labels, stimuli’s and perceptions of self and others of world.


  1. Find a quiet place of solitude, peace and tranquility
  2. Relax
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Think of nothing within
  5. Try to silence your mind, thoughts, fears and anxieties
  6. Tell yourself ‘I am at peace within’ ‘I am resting within’
  7. Say NO to all thoughts
  8. Only listen and hear within
  9. Whipser ‘I am positive within’ ‘I am being made whole’
  10. Whipser ‘I am one with the universe’ ‘Love, peace, harmony and power is within’

If you are NOT feeling relaxed or achieving most or all of the above, this is because you are stuck between 1-5 , especially #5. This means you need to begin the process, relax, close your eyes, think of nothing within and try to silence your mind, thoughts, fears and anxieties literally. Then proceed from 6-10. Once achieved, you should feel your entire mind, soul, spirit and body relaxed, falling deeper into solitude, silence and peace within.


The benefits of meditation are:

  1. Peace
  2. Silence
  3. Solitude
  4. Relaxation
  5. Rest
  6. Universal harmony
  7. Spiritual energy, awareness, empowerment
  8. Skills to positively control you and negativity of thoughts or world.

I am deliberately keeping the above lists short, yet powerful and real. If one can achieve the above this is enough to begin the long journey, investigation, exploration and positive exercise of meditation within to rule the without. We are what we think and believe within right?

For as he or she thinketh in his heart, so is he or she: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee. – Proverbs 23:7

I am fully aware the above scripture forgot to include ‘she’ there goes mis-translators of many parts of history and bibles.. Meditation originates NOT from religions but from creation of the mind, soul, spirit within. Without your mind as brain or spirit of conscious and subconscious thoughts or reasoning, how would you know anything? So one needs to first give thanks to what the Creator has created and not world or mankind.

Meditation benefits, will lead over time into other, all or most areas of our lives. This is dependent on how much one meditates, use self-talk, self-investigate, explore, research and action positive over negative spirituality within.

I wish I was taught or told about meditation from a child. I wish my parents used meditation as a weekly family practice where we all sat, relaxed, meditated and left in solitude, silence, harmony, hugs, positivity and love of peace within.

I think many schools and nuseries could benefit from meditation classes for 1 hour as a compulsory Curriculum class, all must participate in. This could be done at the end of each day, so pupils are relaxed within before leaving school or nursery for home. At minimum they are being taught spiritual, self-talk, meditative life skills, that will go much further than any A Level or degree ever will.

We are created by the Creator to do more things than world or education of world could ever think or do. – CyberRev

Today on Shabbat, I needed to do some reflective thinking, meditation, going over everything, listening within, clearing the four-corners of my mind, spirit, soul and life. This is to ensure as a KINGDOM Man thinketh so am I always listening and actioning in agreement with the Holy Spirit to spirit [Romans 8:16] and Heaven eternally within or correct all errors. I am getting there…the race is not for the swift.

In His Service,


How to Meditate with God

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