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Matter, Mass, Energy, Simplified

Matter, Mass, Energy, Simplified is what most people need worldwide. Let’s talk...

How many people know what Matter, Mass, Energy really is all about? Do you know the importance and spiritual power of matter, mass, energy within and outside of you?

To be honest, most of my life including throughout my education, religious or denominational affliliations including BA Hon’s studies, I cannot ever remember anyone teaching, coaching or educating me about matter, mass and energy within and around.

What if I told you EVERYTHING in and throughout the Universe is connected and transmits ENERGY including each person of all ages. This also includes the cosmos or astrological planets i.e. SUN, MOON, STARS, above our head even beyond what our natural eyes can see or our mind can perceive or conceive.

Most of what WORLD AS PEOPLE not a place teaches is mostly bias, inaccurate, deception and lies etc. Mostly through invasion, theft, murder, racism, history, religions, denominations, advertising or scientific discoveries i.e. Einstein or some other human discovered electricity etc. Always some BS.

There is no way any human can create anything of the magnitude of electricity, matter, energy or mass without original source[s]. You can also never claim to have originally invented or discovered electricity, matter, energy or mass.

I would also go as far as to say NOT EVEN A BIG BANG man-made, mythical theory or notion, could ever create matter, energy or mass into any stable form or components which means EVERYTHING in the Universe and Earth and people of and as world.

I was recently walking on a group hike and came across some Granite stones embedded into the Earth, and for some reason I have always been drawn to the beauty of stones, what makes them so colorful, beautiful, along beaches, rocks, mountains and Earth.

If you have also lived on 1 acre of land for years you automatically become entrenched, schooled and ruled in nature. You automatically pay attention to ‘FALL’ ‘SUMMER’ ‘WINTER’ ‘SPRING’ and as soon as the leaves fall you gather those leaves quickly, so they do not damage the beauty of your lawn front and rear.

You also have to watch out for insects especially fire ants that can determine if your lawn is green, patchy or brown. This may not make sense to you, but this is why unless you have been schooled by NATURE you are distant and disconnected from the Universe of true reality within and around.

Also in nature or living on 1 Acre of land or more you will never return back to live inner-City, where you are surrounded by buildings with very little water, grass, flowers, country trails, peace or SILENCE.

Rocks and stones of all sizes are deliberately embedded into and beneath the EARTH for a reason. This is why a Mountain is the highest height of Earth as stone, so are stones below or beneath Earth as universal connectivity, matter and energy fields. Think on this for 10 minutes.

This is why STONE is something which should never be rejected as the cornerstone of universal truth. – Psalms 118:22

When I say Universal truth I mean universal truth that surrounds Heaven, Earth and all people as world. STONE is also more important than any paper in the form of material energy or spiritual conduit or power. Humans actually have the same mass and energy powers as STONE.

Yet most humans of all countries, beliefs and lifestyles believe more in a TV, paper bible versions, x-box, or this man or woman than they do the UNIVERSE, aligned matter or energy within.

In 100 tons of average granite there are 14 ounces of uranium and about two pounds of thorium. These radioactive elements are equal in energy to the power obtained from 5000 tons of coal. – SOURCE

Why do you think you can gather coal and energy or be struck by lightning or communicate with Spirit-spirit of the Universe? The point is all are inter-connected as ONE MIND, ONE ENERGY, ONE SPIRIT, ONE UNIVERSE.

This is VERY powerful information more than any religion or denomination.

Most people live their lives attending religions and denominations and few ever discover who they are or what they were created to do or become other than an employee, wife, husband, brother, sister or relative which are man-made labels of social systems or stigma, which has very little to do with the reality of the BIGGER picture of living and life, which is eternal for good or evil.

Living and life is one long journey into your afterlife. and one best get it right. Which will take embracing the Universe not man-made. religions, denominations or mythical, artificial things of world, fake histories or discoveries.


To discover we are as the Universe within and around should be the biggest celebration, prayer and rejoicing daily on planet Earth. This is what the Garden of Eden as AFU-RAKA notice the RA is SUN not mythical, man-made son as baRA Creator. And the KA is hands up or lift your hands as Spirit-spirit of us all in and through the baRA unto KA Creator.

I get it, you prefer to just do your OWN thing, choose your own religion, denomination, lifestyle, pleasures or belief of world. Fine, this is free-will for us all, but the only problem is the UNIVERSE or CREATOR will never alter or change what is good, evil or right or wrong regardless of what we say, do or choose.

I wish my loving, supportative, parents had told me WE ARE ALL AS THE UNIVERSE within. This would have saved a whole bunch of arguing, debates and divisions of what religion do you believe? And would actually compel us all to meditate and love baRA as SUN not mythical son.

What has the above video content if true, which it is, has to do with a pink jesus on a donkey in biblical Africa? Or a Muhammed who could not read or write? This is the global deception, division and problem with all religions and denominations of a man-made world.

Just ike most politicians and governments of world, they want to control you and do NOT want you to think or be educated above world or what they say or claim is history or truth. This is slavery and enslavement of mind, soul, spirit and mind within.

The UNIVERSE of mass, matter and energy wants us born and growing FREE daily within and around. I have learned this over many decades and daily I am now growing more than ever before within.

Sure, I have been through much, more than most people would ever comprehend or understand. But I now know my BIGGEST sadness, grief or loss has been my biggest test towards my TESTIMONIES and this is why I am called, chosen and shall always be eternally king, royal, sun of SUN, CyberRev.

I also never pray just for me daily, I pray and work for me, my mama, dad, daughter, gods and goddesses, kings and queens even my entire ancestors, some unknown to me of great-great, grandparents.

You see I am called, chosen of RA RE to represent, write and build the legacy of universal abundance, wealth and spiritual power, worldwide and eternally.

This is why it cost me 1 MILLION + cash and those who think this does not matter of energy or eternity, bye. You will also pay a high-price for this eternal KINGDOM within.

In RA RE Service.


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