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Male & Female is Unity, Balance & Regeneration

Male & Female is not just about sex, dating, marriage and or divorce let’s talk.

I just read something that has changed my whole perspective on not just the Creator but creation of male & female into a DEEP, spiritual, balanced and eternal life.

I think the world has got the concept or reason for existence of male and female completely wrong, upside-down, disrespectful and unfruitful.

How many times have you heard a pastor or preacher from the pulpit state or insinuate : ‘If you don’t like your marriage, wife or husband try divorce?

Also some people around the world now wants to dilute or confuse male and female gender roles. I do not see black people on this list, so why identify people of all shades of brown as racially or predominantly black worldwide?

This is racist BS. Now LGBTQ has more human rights than a red-indian, aborigine, african or innocent slave being lynched from a Tree. Where were LGBTQ rights during 400 years of slavery, that still today haunt the history and legacy of the United States of America, UK, Australia and most of the world?

I can hear someone saying: ‘Forget it that was in the past.‘ No way, that was in the past and is still here today. Have you ever watched your parents, relatives and children amid various communities over decades age, and go through the same racist labels, unemployment and inhumane, ethnic ideologies?

I am born of AFU-RA-KA, I am of the oldest ROYAL DNA of the biblical Garden of Eden eternally. I am NOT black but beautiful shades of brown as people who created all mankind including all pink people.

Take a long, hard, look at the Civil Rights movement of the United States of America in the 60’s and ask yourself has anything changed today? No way.


The baRA Creator deliberately created Male & Female as the Creator is both male & female as all-knowing, all-being, omnipotent, omnipresent, universal and Creator of all things, beginning with no end.

The baRA Creator only created people as a world to help co-create good over evil into eternity. Sure, the Creator could have created a world and eternity all alone, but what good would being alone do even for the Creator?

WARNING: Do NOT get it twisted, read this article do not browse it. The Creator to be Creator of all things has to have, be, or exist of all things within.

In other words the Creator has to have the power to rule the Sun, Moon, Stars, Air, Spirit, mankind, nature, water etc, etc. This is because if anything goes wrong as Creator, how can the Creator not know how to fix anything created between good and evil?

Also the Creator as SUN not mythical son has to be able to create male and female fish, animals, birds, bees and species. Most humans have their eyes and brain so carnal, robotic, mind-controlled, blind, they rarely stop to think they are NOT the only one’s male and female on Earth or in the Universe.

LGBTQ now wants to label people how they see fit ignoring the Creator and KINGDOM universe of appointed gods and goddesses, kings and queens. How can the world have popular, FAKE celebrities, kings and queens but the Creator and appointed gods and goddesses be ignored or treated inferior? This is insanity.

As for the LGBTQ community for the record YOU ALL have your free-spirit and right to use your ass as a vagina or reject a d**k for a rabbit or tongue, but this does not make it right or like a battery you cannot be positive and negative, your either one or the other. What will you do next say a cow is a horse and horse is a donkey?

The point is YOU ALL have your right and so do others worldwide, I equally may NOT like a drug-dealer or rapist selling their drugs or talking to my daughter or son online or offline.

In the same way I would hate my son or daughter to use their God-given bodies upside down or opposite to the universal manual of the Creator. The right way to use the male or female manual obviously is clearly a vagina with a P***S works to reproduce or it doesn’t, but an ass sure is not a reproductive vagina. I also hate the smell of S**T on anything I do or wear.

This is why the Creator can create anything and everything in Heaven and on Earth, but one thing the Creator will NOT do is create evil over good or right.

The Creator is always seeking people who desire to co-create for good, love, right and eternal into the after-life so the Creator can keep creating and co-creating like a huge, universal, loving machine, eternally.

In fact, this morning the Creator woke me up around 3.10am with the brightest HALF-MOON shining directly through my window blinding my eyes, in bed, and I heard a ‘voice’ say grab your phone, take a picture, I have something to tell and promise you. The truth is, I have never seen a half-moon before in my life.

This whole experience with little sleep has led me to research deeper into Creation and the Universe, and why the Creator created a universe from beginning into eternity.

We all have to get this act of life right and choose wisely and carefully what we do, say and action. As this will all lead ultimately into eternity of heaven or hell, good or evil period.


The very word WO-MAN has the same name as the MAN by deliberate, spiritual, eternal, divine and design. I just learned, when it comes to thinking 100% ENERGY, how can any woman claim to be ‘balanced‘ or ‘independent’ if they have no male energy to balance them within i,e, father, husband or boyfriend?

In the same way reversed how can a Man or male be or feel balanced without a Mother, sister, wife or girlfriend? This blew my mind, I began to understand DEEPLY why most men are very close to their mother and female’s notoriously very close to their dad or father.

It is almost as if this parental, birthing, gift from the Universe is the highest energy, source and eternal love of the Creator. Sure, some children are adopted and fostered etc, I dated one, and I know it is VERY difficult to repair or replace what they have lost as their birth mother, father or both.

Nothing can ever replace the love of a natural born mother or father. This has also now taught me when dating always find the HIGHEST level of spiritual, energy and vibration from any woman or man.

Make sure that you both think, vibrate or agree on the same-level, or operating or travelling in the same direction in life. Or like a flat-tire or wasted energy someone will soon be rejected and abandoned. This is crucial also for family, relatives and friends.

The alchemist refers to this concept by stating that everything on earth is just the One Thing (all is the same) which comes from the One Mind (God) yet this One Mind and One Thing are the same. It was important to show reverence and respect, for God is part of every second of our lives. – SOURCE.

I spent most of my life giving, sharing and trying to convince family, friends and relatives who I am. Despite writing a library of a website over 15 years, this resulted in loss.

This taught me people change, get married and grow older, even as family or relatives you no longer trust or recognize. So now unless anyone can ride or die with me into eternity, I am not interested.

I humbly motivate and witness online and offline, digitally, of baRA RA RE worldwide to the world. Yet keep my inner-circle, regularly meeting, talking and closer than close, watching their loyalty.

This is also what I learned about the Creator male and female as co-creators of good and evil. The Creator of Heaven, Earth as Universe watches daily, checking mind, soul, spirit and heart of all people for good and evil.

This is why the Creator has appointed of UNIVERSAL KINGDOM gods and goddesses, kings and queens whom are tested, tried in fire and loyal eternally.

In Universal Service,


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