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Madagascar Vanilla, Sapphire Slavery Why?

Madagascar Vanilla, Sapphire Slavery Why? Is a potent question which needs answers. Lets talk...

How in the world can Madagascar or Malagasy Republic permit or allow modern slavery with Chinese, European and French slavemasters to control and enslave native people of Madagascar over THEIR LAND blessed with Vanilla and Sapphire commodities?

I was upset, shocked and outraged to discover Vanilla and Sapphires are being exported, stolen and taken from Madagascar by opportunistic foreigners, while natives are paid just 1 EURO per day, working like cotton and plantation slaves in the 21st Century. Why?

It is not just Madagascar, all across the Africa Continent like Congo, Sierra Leone and others there are gold, diamond theft, human trafficking, slave labour and rebel war’s of chaos daily.

The equation keep them POOR + uneducated to earn, kill & steal more.

This is something white, pink, colonial, european and now Chinese slavemasters love to enforce worldwide, especially across Africa and the Caribbean. Why?

Imagine the Creator Most High blesses your land, City and country with diamonds, pearls, sapphires, vanilla, elephants, lions, tigers, exotic species and YOU and your native citizens cannot earn a decent wage or live blessed, but foreign slavemasters and western countries export and parade the wealth of YOUR commodites and goods worldwide. Why?

Here is why: MY PEOPLE [not world] are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. – Hosea 4:6 KJV

Now you see why they want MY PEOPLE to be uneducated, impoverished and enslaved daily within and around. Imagine Creator most High has ALREADY blessed in abundance with Vanilla, Sapphires and exotic commodities the rest of the world needs, wants and desires daily. But most native citizens of the land are poor and in need why?

Watch this video:

Can you SEE how the majority of Madagascar and most AFRICA people are impoverished yet they have the resources of Vanilla, Sapphire, gold, diamonds with oil and technology to rule?

It is like this across most Africa countries and regions from the days of Kemet, Nubia, Sudan, pirate invaders and fake colonial slavemasters why? Let me also say the word colonial means nothing more than invaders, foreigners and terrorists period.

You cannot watch these videos and not conclude all regions of AFRICA from the Garden of Eden is still blessed despite pirate, foreign, colonial, terrorist invaders to this day. Yet the people are impoverished,hunted, jailed, raped, enslaved and poor why? Time to get educated within and around.

I remember travelling to West Africa many years ago and having to be air-lifted out as rebels invaded villages and towns with automatic guns & soldiers. I almost lost my life had I not been rescued by U.S. military airforce. True story.

I remember seeing Jews on the Airplane travelling over and being puzzled, what are so many jews doing on this flight to West Africa? I was staying in a 5* hotel which saved my life but also allowed me to sit, watch and observe how natives would bring diamonds and gold daily while jews would purchase them for U.S dollar bills.

Africa diamonds alone are worth 60 BILLION U.S. dollars per annum.

The video above is the TRUTH how big diamond companies and traders keep the war across Africa funded & fuelled with rebels at war, so they can get access to diamond mines while the war is raging.

This also destabilizes african governments and citizens so they collectively never get to rise or be empowered. This has to stop and I know for a fact, soon all people who suffer shall become the AFRICA kings and queens they were born to be from the days of the Garden of Eden and the Valley of the Kings.

In His Service,


Understanding Slavery

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