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Macumba, Candomble, and Umbanda: Brazilian Universal Spirituality

Macumba, Candomble, and Umbanda: Brazilian Universal Spirituality, is perhaps the real, authentic, worship of people who were never, ever, slaves but real, Garden of Eden, Royal gods and goddesses on Earth. Let’s talk...

A Dear friend of mine who has supported this website, lived in Brasil or Brazil for 5 years and spent over 30 years in TV media as a journalist and senior production Manager. Sent me a link to Candomble the spiritual religion of Brasil dating back to when Royal, african slaves from the original Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA were cruely enslaved, captured, raped, killed, murdered and taken to Brasil or Brazil by Portuguese and european slavemasters of evil, sin and wickedness.

What sickens my spirit, heart and soul is why have we as Royal, colourful people of amer-indian, african, caribbean. latino, aborigine, zulu, bantu, yoruba, falasha, lemba, ashanti, khoisan, colombia, cuban and many other islands and regions of this world, been so ignorant, blind and naive? This is despite all the history books and prophetic scholars like W.E.Dubois, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley who wrote, lived and preached back to Africa within is our only road to freedom, peace and spirituality.

I guess what they really should have stated and preached is Africa is AFU-RA-KA the original, Garden of Eden, well before any 1611 western bible was bastardized, mistranslated or ever written from Genesis to Revelation.

In this article, you will also be surprised to ponder or comprehend many of the Royal, african and amer-indian aka caribbean people captured and taken by force to Brasil or Brazil brought their original and traditional, universal beliefs of their own deities of the eternal, cosmos and universe.

They were already use to worshipping a universal CREATOR with monumental holy, pyramid, temple buildings not just across kemet, aka Egypt, but Sudan, India, Guatemala, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Belize and many more.

This is how they all got through their holocaust of slavery, rape, torture, murder, sin and evil by their strong, unapologetic, spiritual, inner-belief of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN of the cosmos, universe and true Holy Spirit of Royal gods and goddesses within.

Do you see yourself in these videos, culture and universal spirituality? Are you longing to be free at last within? Are you sick and tired of futile, deceptive, racist, western, myths, fables and false promises of jesus on a donkey in 100% Africa, will save you and wash away all your sins?

This week, I spent time a whole day with the Creator, meditating, listening to the universal Spirit-spirit and I asked the Creator through the Holy Spirit, why have you taken decade’s even a Millennium to send the latter rain of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the original, Garden of Eden which is 100% Africa aka AFU-RA-KA?

I also asked the Creator why have you permitted or allowed slavery and even Royal, kings and queens with Royal tombs to be killed, raped, murdered and still being excavated and illegally placed like trophies into slavemaster, terrorist and racist museums of the world?

The Creator answered and said: ‘The UNIVERSAL KINGDOM suffereth violence right? And the slavemaster or violent took it by force, right?’ He also said: I never created the gun or gun powder mankind did that……..they used evil to rule over good and my people are still being enslaved, deceived and impoverished worldwide for a lack of knowledge.

Macumba, Candomble, Umbanda even Yoruba are Universal Religions

There is one common thread across most ‘spiritual’ not religious or denominational practices and that is they all pray, meditate and believe in ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR & HOLY SPIRIT supported by their appointed list of divine gods and goddesses.

This is why CyberRev researches and writes worldwide to try to unravel not just the global deception, myths, fables and lies of Christianity of Roman, Greek, nonsense and racism. But to find and replace all the original pieces of a global, enslaved, religious, puzzle, dating all the way back to the original Garden of Eden which is 100% AFU-RA-KA aka Africa.

The Macumba, Candomble, Umbanda even Yoruba ‘spiritual’ not religious beliefs are all universal and all point to ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR. This is different from copy-cat, racist, deceptive and slavemaster, Christianity created of the greeks and Roman fake gods and goddesses including fake jesus on a donkey in Africa.


Why? How many professed christian’s including T D Jakes, Creflo Dollar or Joel Olsteen can tell me before 1611, when the 1st King James Bible was written, what was the Holy Bible for the last 100,000 years? Do they know? I do.

I can hear some people saying your a cult or this is satanic or devil worship to believe in spirits, gods and goddesses. Well, I have news for you, as long as your inner-belief is aligned with the UNIVERSE and the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, and you recognize there is no black or white people on planet Earth and you Thank your – Creator, ancestors and Holy, Universal Spirit, gods and goddesses, daily for life, love, health, food and prosperity, your on good ground not evil, slavemaster, religious, dogmatic, racist, historical, man-made, crap.


For me, I would rather stand with the Royal people of the SUN not son and all slaves who were never really slaves, and all kings and queens of the 1ST dynasty of AFU-RA-KA of monumental Pyramids than with terrorist, slavematsers who killed, destroyed, lied, mistranslated, raped, tortured and murdered everyone who was not pink………… their eyes.

As for all the phoney, rapist, monks, bishops, cardinals, fake crusaders and discoverers of the 1ST slave ship enterprise called ‘The Good Jesus‘ funded by the UK, I hereby give notice to you, your days are numbered and your judgment of the UNIVERSE & KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is at hand.

This is why Christianity and Catholicism is on the decline worldwide. The people you falsely called slaves, beasts, apes, black, evil and criminal are really as you found them original kings, queens, gods and goddesses of a NON-RELIGIOUS but eternal, universal, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

They do NOT need your wooden pews, piss water communion, and your tamberine banging, huffing and puffing sermon’s, where they are duped weekly and still broke year-in-year out for decades, until they die or grow old with not even a bouquet of flowers or a Thank You card from the Pastor, Bishop, Cardinal, Priest or Rabbi for years of service as a loyal, tithing, offering, active member.

I see a latter-rain world where people are free within, unshackled by all man-made, racist, slavemaster, religions and denominations worldwide. I see children, youth and adults reading and researching their original, biblical, Royal, heritage and DNA roots all the way back to the original Garden of Eden which is 100% AFU-RA-KA.

Indeed, the UNIVERSAL TRUTH only will set you free within. This is not man-made of world religions or denominations which when you add them all together they all total – racism, confusion and division.

Know Thyself is eternal Royalty of the Creator within.

In Universal Service,


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