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Loved Ones Lost Quotes, your loved ones are only lost if you think they are lost. Let’s talk motivational and spiritual quotes for loved ones.

Here goes Mama/Dad again still talking daily, even into their house of the SUN. This page is dedicated to over 60,000 people PER MONTH searching for the search term or keywords: loved ones lost quotes, worldwide.

Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be CHANGED for good or evil, eternally. – The real 1 Corinthains 15: 51

Without loved ones, we could never make it through this evil, hatred world.

Loved ones make you smile, happy, at peace and loved with unconditional, eternal love.

Loved ones lost are only lost, if they choose evil over good eternally.

When you love anyone you love them eternally, or this is not love.

How can you ever forget, what you truly loved, appreciated, desiring more than living and life into the afterlife.

My Mama/Dad taught me many things, from a kid too adult one thing for sure through good, bad and ugly, it’s eternal love.

No one is perfect, and I guarantee people will dislike you even as mother, father, uncle, son or daughter, now and into your afterlife.

It is not what people say that matters, but more what they do, now and after you are in rest, dead or ascension into Heaven.

What makes you think anyone is lost, dead or gone? He, she or they have ascended or passed over into another universal, heavenly, realm.

Most times the world teaches people mind-controlled, negativity, hatred or lost.

One way to know if people, relatives, friends, siblings, grand-children, churchfolk’s or family really love you or anyone is, do they place flower’s and care into your grave weekly, monthly or yearly with love.

It’s that time of year again, you sit and think Mama/Dad I love you eternally.

One should never sell or disregard that garden shed, flower garden, sofa, chair, antique clock or home that has sentiment’s and spiritual, divine meaning, especially for those who really love you even when your gone into Heaven.

Who told you I am lost or dead? Do not be fooled I and we are eternal.

Can you ignore, bury or forget eternal love? Try it, I can’t.

You cannot see God, but you love him right? This is how true love grows eternally.

Unconditional love is no matter whether I am alive or transcended, you love me or them no matter what.

Do not question my love, no one can see or hear my heart, soul, spirit, prayer’s or mind daily within.

Loved one’s may not be walking on Earth, but they still have Spirit-spirit this is universal. – John 14:3

Heaven and the universe of god’s, goodesse’s, spiritual king’s and queen’s can hear your heart, mind, soul and spirit. You still hurt, love and miss your loved one’s within.

To miss anyone is never loneliness, it is more they are always present and living within your heart, mind, soul and spirit of divine love.

Do the so-called dead talk? They talk and communicate as much as they are ever present of genuine love and support within. This is why they existed in the first place.

Do not get caught up in carnal thoughts or traditions; get caught up in spiritual thinking and eternity.

Money or world can never buy you love, because love is priceless and eternal.

Why do you think I took or kept your earliest photo, baby clothes or your first drivers licence? So I can never forget you and keep you alway’s in my mind, soul and spirit.

We were never created to forget anyone or anything of love eternal. Who do you think you will be seeing in Heaven? Have hope by faith within.

We all stand on the shoulders, love and kindness of those who went and were born before us from the Garden of Eden until now. Give Thanks always.

Personally, I do not like funeral’s, because I never ever bury anyone I love or respect. I am a active, positive, spiritual not religious thinker of the afterlife and eternity.

What were your loved one’s favourite flower? Mama loved white lillys and Dad loved red roses. Have you forgotten? Go buy them some today, if you truly love them.

Your loved one’s are saying: how can I ever be lost if I am found or transcended? This is why we all live eternally for good or evil of the within.

Ssssh, I have not left you, I have just been called into Heavenly realms to become your ancestor, guide, watch, love and protect you all, daily.

My Mama/Dad are in the universal House of the SUN with all their good family, friends, relatives and ancestors. Where are your loved-ones?

Imagine if the universal and eternal Creator treated us all like most man-made, funeral religious or denominational services? In one hour we are buried and forgotten.

If your Spirit-spirit, mind and soul is eternal use it daily and forever within.

This is why most people are wrong! They THINK they know you and you left, ignored or walked; no. I did the impossible, spiritual and eternal, most people never think, action, consider or comprehend into their afterlife not burial, religious, denominational or world.

Always keep the eternal flame and love burning. If not; you have dishonored your loved one’s in spirit, mind, action and thoughts.

Don’t eat my money and sell my things then forget me or we; the Creator and us all still have Spirit-spirit, soul and judgement. Be eternally just, upright and wise.

Who do you think ocassionally bombards your mind, soul, spirit? It is I/we.

Life and living may seem unfair, however all is fair and eternal, if you/I choose the right thoughts, thinking and positivity daily, within.

Life and living is fair because we all get to choose for good or evil, eternally.

Nothing is ever lost, if we hold onto our beliefs, hope and faith within.

Never forget who you truly love eternally,

In Universal Service,


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