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Love of a Mother

Love of a Mother is the priceless, epitomy of unconditional love. A love I am now sure you could not have given or administered without YHWH RA directing and in control within. I also know YHWH RA provided you so I could be saved from death.

Love of a Mother, how can I apologize for being what I was created to be? Being entrepreneurial takes risks and when YHWH RA calls, it makes you speechless. I am praying for you. I am praying that YHWH RA grants more miracles and a long-life. YHWH RA is preparing me not just for my testimony but eternity. I feel He is also preparing you as He knows how we walk.

Love of a Mother, Thank You and Dad for everything! Thank you for the biggest treasure of all introducing my mind, heart, soul and spirit to YHWH RA from a child. It took many years for me to get baptized and now I know baptism is just the public announcement then comes the years of proving faith in action.

Love of a Mother, I Thank You. I once wrote years ago like ‘two ducks swimming on the water we shall be eternal forever. ‘

Just like an eternal and everlasting Pearl.


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