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Living is unfair not life

Living is unfair not life. Have you ever wondered why is living or life so unfair? Why do people or loved one’s grow old or die early? Let’s talk…

Remember as a child holding your parent[s] hand and walking into or too mass, synagogue, temple or church?

Everything had to be perfect your hair, shirt, dress, tie, hat or shoes and you had to always have a Bible in-hand of your religion or denominational version.

You also had to pay-attention and try not to sleep or talk with friends or family during service and sing loudly or face upsetting your parent[s]. Do you remember how beautiful your Mother or Father would look and even if only one attended Mass, Synagogue, Temple or Church, the other would play his or her part in getting you ready, providing transport to and from Church or just being there when you arrived home.

Do you remember when religious teachers on Sunday or Sabbath told you many ‘stories’…nearly every weekly sermon has a story of this man, woman or group of people, who did this or that and they achieved or received this or that result?

Living and life is all about choices, lessons and results. Living is unfair not life, as life is eternal and cannot ever be destroyed.


We are living in the world as people worldwide, but this does not mean life is eternal, happy, fair, prosperous, balanced or blessed for most or all. The Garden of Eden AFU-RA-KA is real regardless of your religion or denominational belief,

We all have to ‘balance‘ good versus evil in most or all of our thinking or choices throughout this world. I have been silent throughout most of the Covid19 lockdown for 1. Safety reasons and 2. I wanted to meditate, study, align myself with the Universe within and around.

I knew the world of people were being challenged, going through immense changes, faced with how will you survive, obtain food, income, accommodation etc?

I was also watching how many religious and denomonational churches were responding worldwide, and it became difficult to see or hear ‘megachurches’ or the Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, Adventist, Evangelical, Islam or Hindu congregations rushing to aid or help members of their congregations or local community.

At the turn of the 21st century, over 1 in 10 Americans were poor, 20% of whom where African Americans. Now in 2021, half of America is living in poverty or pay-check to pay-check and this trend even with recent stimulus checks looks unlikely to improve soon.

How could this ever be? What happened to the American Dream? The truth is there is NO American Dream. And like most religious or denominational stories or myths … they are simply stories, myths and fables.

But ‘One Day‘ we all are going to be happy, together, no more pain, sadness, tears. evil, wickedness and death shall vanish; all this is not for this world, but the next life or afterlife.

If you stop, pause, meditate and think for 60 seconds this WORLD is all man-made and governed by MAN-MADE appointed laws, governments, ideologies, political, religious beliefs and customs.

Most of which have zero or hardly anything to do with the UNIVERSE or cosmos, planetary systems who ensure light, night, sun, moon, stars, seasons which generate or control life, food and raw materials of the Earth from Heaven daily worldwide.

In fact, everything from Heaven to Earth including all raw materials for food are FREE. It is the world of people and governements who greedily charge for everything including gas, electric, wheat, rice, fruits and even water.

This is why living is unfair not universal or eternal life.


Imagine if we never had the Sun, water, herbs, fruit trees etc worldwide? How would most people survive even for a week or month? This is why living is unfair NOT life.

What if Venezuela government farmed and gave all citizens FREE food, water, electricity and gas in exchange for people and production of work?

Household’s were provided with basic rent, gas, electric, water and food of an allocated amount per household, in exchange for production of work i.e. farming, retail or service work etc.

This would also work in America or any Country of the world as the UNIVERSE ultimately provides all things free to the world in the first place.

Apples or wheat do not grow because you merely planted the seed, it grows or harvests because the UNIVERSE provides sunlight, seasons, time and fruit of the seed.

Harvest and food is plentiful worldwide. For example: Food wastage worldwide is a HUGE problem. 61% comes from households, 26% from food service and 13% from retail, amounting to 931 million tonnes of food going to waste each year.

The point is we have more than enough for everyone in the world or universe to live, eat and be happy worldwide for FREE. The problem is primarily GREED, plus people and man-made customs, laws, beliefs and inhumane actions daily, worldwide.

The UNIVERSE is being historically, widely, ignored and disrespected by most man-made, governments, religions and denominations of the mythical, fable, fake son or religions replacing the SUN, MOON, STARS as COSMOS and this is why countries as people shall and will continue to suffer until they get back to universal basics; 24/7 asap within.

The UNIVERSE is clearly in control of life from beginning to end into the afterlife, of us all for good or evil. Mankind or humans may think they are in control, but what can they really control but their own thoughts or choices?

Mankind can also plan to automate and even replace humans with robots or machine technologies, but one thing for sure is the biblical, spiritual, Royal, gods, goddesses, kings and queens established of the baRA KINGDOM UNIVERSE will always win eternally.

In Universal Service,


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