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Kobe Bryant Aug 23, 1978-Jan 26, 2020 R.I.P.

Kobe Bryant Aug 23, 1978-January 26, 2020 R.I.P. Kobe Bryant is undoutedly an eternal legend. Lets talk...

Kobe Bryant loved his family, life and was a man who knew how to strive for the HIGHEST at all times within and around.

This very sad news of the passing of Kobe Bryant, his 13 yr old daughter Gianna a rising basketball player and friends on-board a helicopter worth 13 MILLION USD, has not only stunned the world of sports but the world of people.

I personally had to cancel everything today sit, pray, meditate and watch everything on the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant and family. I am sure people of all cultures and ages are thinking how, why, when, where, who?

Good people always seem to die early why? Kobe Bryant reminds me of Nipsey Hussle da great. He also reminds me of close family members and people who were good and lived too short a life in this world. YET there is positive, spiritual hope of all good people being in Heaven for their legacy and contribution to good not evil.

Learning from Kobe Bryant the Legend

There are many things we can positively learn from Kobe Bryant the eternal legend. We can learn:

  1. Kobe Bryant aimed high and achieved high
  2. Kobe Bryant retired and still kept being creative and competitive
  3. Kobe Bryant knew right from wrong and did more good than evil
  4. Kobe Bryant was a professional and a Virgo perfectionist in all things
  5. Kobe Bryant lived for family, people and friends
  6. Kobe Bryant never quit
  7. Kobe Bryant lived a life of fearless faith, love and good.

Kobe Bryant will definitely be missed in and outside of basketball hall of fame. He will also be missed for his entrepreneurial investments, role-model and business education worldwide.

Rest in eternal peace Kobe Bryant and Gianna,

The Creator awaits your spirit and soul into His eternal Kingdom,

”You have to take the good with the bad. You the captain of the ship you go down with the ship.” – Quote by Kobe Bryant.

They don’t know who I am. – Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality.

The Mamba Mentality continues.

Granity Studios.

In His Service,

I will NEVER FORGET Kobe Bryant & Gianna of Mamba RA,


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