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Knowledge & Wisdom is Africa

Knowledge & wisdom of Heaven to Earth is AFRICA as one continent and region as the original Garden of Eden. Lets talk...

When I say Africa I mean Papyrus of Ani, spiritual, pyramid, kemetic Africa not carnal, world or things of world Africa.

Sadly, most people on planet Earth have been brainwashed and find it hard even if pink, brown, tan or dark brown irrespective of country to appreciate and embrace universal truth originated on STONE in Africa. Most ignorantly ignore the Pyramids, hieroglyphic and valley of original kings. Why?

Where else is universal truth written on STONE than Africa? This article is more about watching the videos below to comprehend historical, spiritual and biblical Creation facts of the universe.

I truly believe religions and denominations of world have only white-washed, plagiarize, distorted, divided, racist profiled, enslaved and complicated universal truth written on stone.

This is why we need to RETURN back to what is STONE not paper of universal knowledge and wisdom. Do not defend any religion or denomination taught to you unless it is factual and first written on STONE not paper.

All religions on planet Earth and all human civilization with the oldest human DNA being Africa, must correct, respect and award all their present religions and denominations to Africa including christianity, Islam, vatican and jesus. To not do so is pagan, error, blasphemy, sin and evil.

You shall not take the name of Amun Ra Creator in vain, for RA the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain. – Exodus 20:7

Further Osiris,, Amun Ra, PTAH, Aten, NUT, Horus. NU as gods & goddesses appointed for universal equilibrium all represent praise and worship to the Creator of the universe as daily Sun, moon, stars and seasons, not the fake, man-made jesus son of god.

The universe is too colossal for one phoney god muhammed, buddah, pope or jesus to claim. Worship and praise of RA Creation is universal of Heaven to Earth within only.

Listen completely to the above audio Book which is NOT a Book of death, but sleep or rest to awake into the coming forth of eternity. The above audio book is also the oldest biblical account of Heaven to Earth explaining all the gods & goddesses of the universe with Asar aka Osiris & RA in control dated from 3rd millennium BCE also 1550 BCE.

Awake within into the afterlife,

May my soul find and return to me eternally,

In His Service,


The African Superhighway of Africa

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