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Kevin Gates – Rapper of world or universe?

Spent the last few days listening to Kevin Gates words, upbringing, life, faith, beliefs, lifestyle, music, suffering and pain. I find Kevin Gates a person who despite his rapper, streelife, gangster, jailhouse, image is a very spiritual, wise and knowledgeable individual.

Do most people REALLY know or understand Kevin Gates? I doubt it. In fact he stated he ‘Has very little or no friends.’ This is because he chooses like me, to embrace, surround and dive into solitude and silence on a daily basis more than people, suggestions, noise or things of world.

He also does NOT own or watch TV much as again like me, he choose’s peace, silence and solitude daily over noise and mind control of world and things of world.

This is opposite to what most people on planet Earth of world have been taught or brain-washed to live, act or do daily. Most people rise with the TV, radio or newspaper as if the TV, radio or newspaper has the truth of what we must or should follow, believe, act or do daily.

Kevin Gates has spent decades WITHIN, he stated his biggest challenge has been overcoming himself within. If the truth beknown we all should or will one day have to face ourself within and self-talk our way from within too beyond world into the universe or our true calling.

Kevin Gates is so deep, wide and spiritually high from all his pain, suffering, afflictions, trials and tribulations. ONLY if you have suffered great pain, long-suffering, afflictions with persecution, loss, rejection, shame and alienation, still you have overcome all from within out, can you remotely begin to understand or know thyself or the real Kevin Gates.


Most people on planet Earth and yes Earth is just one of the planets of the cosmic Universe where we all were birthed into existence and we are all here, living and alive to decide do we live or represent from within, truth, good or evil eternally?

Like I have stated, I think HipHop negatively contributes to society or the world at large. So I am not a fan of HipHop music but I do appreciate any type or form of music with lyrics coming from truth, heart, mind, soul and positivity.

So not all of Kevin Gates music would qualify for me, but he is definitely a very talented rapper who creates the lyrics and beat into music from his own mind, soul and spirit to the world at large.

What I found aspiring and motivational with Kevin Gates is he stated in an interview he could have signed with major music labels way back in his music career, but he decided within – no ‘I want mine from the mud, dirt or universe‘ from all of my afflictions, long-suffering and ultimate spiritual reward of the Creator of this universe only.

This is when I knew 100% Kevin Gates is deep, wide and spiritually high because no human person on Earth can ever state such words with determination, confidence and conviction, walk the path or steps and win without prayer’s, faith and action.

Kevin Gates is a good example of never judge a book by it’s cover without at least reading the foreword. Kevin Gates speaks a few languages and he has more cash and success than most people on Earth, yet money cannot buy anyone happiness not even Kanye West or Kevin Gates.

It was sad to see Kevin Gates battling suicide which is not a dirty word and if most people were honest we have all questioned what is this world truly all about? Why am I alive? Do I really like or want to live struggling or unhappy in this wicked, racist and cruel world?

Yet, take a good look at the long list of NBA, NFL, Hollywood, music celebrities or entrepreneurial millionaires or billionaires from the late Kobe Bryant, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Nelson Mandela, Nipsey Hussle. Even of the living like Shaq O’neal, Kanye West, T D Jakes and you hypocritical, religious, jesus on a donkey in Africa, mind-controlled, Constantine christians, have all had to suffer, be afflicted, persecuted, alienated and rejected daily of world.

I recently received a download from the Creator or universe who placed in my mind, soul and spirit ‘The universe provides 100% sun. moon, stars and life of breath to perfection daily from the Garden of Eden until now. So it is the people or governments of their evil, wicked, greedy, cash and racist ideologies that cause all or most of the pain, suffering, shame, lack and loss worldwide.’

I ended up kneeling and saying to the Creator and universal Holy Spirit you are 100% correct and always correct, wise, holy, eternal and consistent unto universal TRUTH daily from within out.

So our trials and tribulations really come from the world and goverments of people with their own policies and laws NOT from God or the Creator of Heaven and Earth who like clockwork supplies all of our needs as the sun, moon, stars, universe, planets, breath, water, natural foods, plants, season’s, harvest, commodities, mind, soul and spirit etc.


The real Kevin Gates is like most people we ultimately want to live and be at peace and happiness within daily. Yet, few people are willing like Kevin Gates to live or go through the long-suffering, pain, rejection, battle’s, shame and loss to rise into your calling or destiny beyond world and things of a fake, material, ungodly, racist world.

The real Kevin Gates, loves his family more than all of this world and things of world and even more than his own life. The real Kevin Gates is most likely TIRED of decades of battling, suffering, overcoming, being used, abused, judged and misunderstood.

This is where things can lose control where Kevin Gates finally decides he has accomplished and lived out his life and duty and now longs to transcend into eternity. This is not weakness this is actually love in action as Kevin Gates knows from within he is already eternal and if he or the Creator decides all has been accomplished then he will calmly exit world into eternity.

Kevin Gates has been dating and married to Dreka Gates for over a decade. They are now going through a battle of their relationship will they overcome or lose the battle? Great things including love especially when you love anyone or anything more than life is no easy battle.

Take a good look at the above photo they have been dating since teens and they have overcome together to become successful, rich, spiritual and motivational parents and celebrities worldwide. Yet, to whom much is always given much is always required right? This is universal and spiritual law.

The real Kevin Gates loves his wife and family more than himself and if he ever was to sink or drown in his mind, soul and spirit of living he would as he has stated become the ‘sacrificial lamb’.

I hope Kevin Gates understands he has more things to do and accomplish with his talent, skills, mind, soul and spirit on Earth. He just needs a real friend or mentor who he can talk and pray with and help take his vision and calling to the highest and ultimate level.

Kevin Gates to me is hands down along with Nipsey Hussle the best rapper ever to live on planet Earth, better than Jay Z or Kanye West. In fact Jay Z and Kanye West combined would only reach or equal 50% of the spiritual, intellectual, talented and accomplished Kevin Gates or Nipsey Hussle.

Kevin and Dreka Gates are eternal soulmates and their marriage is already eternal. They perhaps need to sit and think carefully how spiritual, loving, eternal and powerful they both combined are and their children need them both not separated or divided.

I hope Kevin and Dreka read and share this post that comes from the mind, soul and spirit of CyberRev knowing I am here for you both FREE no charge and we can talk anytime direct.

In His Service,


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