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Kemetic Spirituality vs Religions

Kemetic Spirituality vs Religions is Spirit to spirit versus all man-made religions. Lets talk….

Most people worship and follow after a religion or one of many religions worldwide. I use to do the same for 30 years of my life, until I discovered through Spirit-spirit a closer walk with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. All reliigions are actually man-made deceptions, myths, fables and lies of what THEY THINK is the truth of their own god and or saviour.

Being spiritual is living, believing, breathing and acting Spirit to spirit of breath, wind, cosmos, universe and Spirit to spirit within. This is RUACH in Hebrew. And only people, gods, goddesses of His Kemet/Egypt, Garden of Eden Africa; of his universal Kingdom [one church] written on STONE not paper versions of MAAT, ANKH, CREATOR RA is biblical truth into the after-life.

Think about YOUR religion or what many religions have in common:

  1. They attend a building on a weekly basis they call Church.
  2. They idolize people or a person they call Pastor, Priest, Pope, Bishop or denomination.
  3. They follow THEIR set of rules & beliefs like sheep following the Shepherd.
  4. There is only ONE CREATOR in Heaven and Earth right?
  5. They are religious and most do NOT know they are religious.
  6. They are mind-controlled and brain-washed by what they see, hear, read of the many man-made bible versions, rarely questioning where is the Garden of Eden or who or what is the earliest Creator of Heaven and Earth.
  7. They pray, bow and claim to be christians, muslims, mormons, baptist, church of God, catholic, anglican, Judaism and Jehovah witness even athiest. Yet hardly ever question: how can their be ONE CREATOR yet so many religions and beliefs?

Creator RA as God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship him only in the Spirit and in TRUTH. – John 4: 24

The Difference in being Spiritual vs Religious

  1. Being Spiritual is simply being and operating purely as Spirit to spirit. – Romans 8: 16, Psalms 1, Deuteronomy 28: 1-14, Jeremiah 29: 1, John 4: 24.
  2. Being spiritual is knowing and accepting their is only ONE CREATOR of Heaven and Earth.
  3. Being spiritual is as the biblical verse [even if the mythical name John is wrong] you still need TRUTH nothing less to qualify for the above verse.
  4. Being Spiritual TRUTH reigns supreme otherwise why practice or be spiritual?
  5. Being Spiritual is Spirit-spirit YOU and your creator as universal pew and Church.
  6. Being Spiritual of the universe is understanding the Creator shines as the Sun, Moon, Stars and Cosmos daily and eternally within and around.
  7. Being Spiritual is all about: You shall have no other gods or goddesses before me. Genesis 20: 3 Yet there are gods and goddesses of His Holy AMUN RA Kingdom, as we are all potential gods & goddesses of good NEVER evil.
  8. If you do not believe in Amun RA or RE do not say Amen, HalleluYAH, AbRAham or , REward, pRAy, pRAise, YisRAel, HebREw or try to lie and claim man-made fake IsraEL GOD of 1948; as your form of christianity religion.

Being Spiritual is all about Heaven to Earth

Being Spiritual is all about Heaven to Earth of teh cosmos not any man-made religion or denomination of world. Big difference. Do you think in Heaven there will be choirs and corners of various religions? A hall, church, pew, city or mansion for the baptist, catholic, mormons, muslims, adventist, evangelicals, christians etc? NO WAY. There will only be ONE CREATOR and his gods, goddesses, kings and queens as his eternal children.

Also being spiritual has nothing whatsoever to do with world or man-made religions, lifestyles or beliefs of world. The Nubia, Kush, hebREw, Kemet/Egypt, biblical Africa of spiritual not religious belief, is the oldest and most amazing illustration and example of not just the oldest Holy Bible written in STONE not any man-made paper versions, but a living Holy Bible and universal testimony of Heaven and Earth into the after-life. A priceless treasure of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

You may think no this is a religion! No, this is 100% spirituality with the laws of MAAT as universal laws, commandments, lifestyles, dieties, gods and goddesses with carefully selected gods and kings as Pharaoh’s to worship only ONE CREATOR RA throughout Heaven and Earth.

If you watch how all man-made religions operate including Islam they build temples, mosques and churches all over the WORLD on Earth, fill it with people, sing, bow and worship human leaders with man-made titles like Imam, Rabbi, Priest, Pope, Pastor, Bishop. With very little universal MAAT god or goddesses of Heaven to Earth or appreciation or understanding: the universe or cosmos literally is above their Church or religious heads daily.

Why attend a man-made building weekly, when I can attend the universe of Spirit-spirit and or Heaven to Earth daily?

This is the universal Church they could all attend FREE DAILY and use the tithes and ofefrings they use to build these megachurches, temples, mosques to FEED THE POOR & HUNGRY even in their congregations.

They do NOT need expensive private jets or celebrity lifestyles. If they TRULY believe in ONE CREATOR and ONE UNIVERSAL KINGDOM 24/7. Also, why do they seek fame and fortune of world and things of world? Read 1 John 2: 15-17

Have the many leaders and peoplle of all religions ever read: Matthew 17: 21, jeremiah 29: 11 and Isaiah 42: 8 or Psalms 1 – Creator RA is my only Shepherd. I know your thinking: ‘My Bible does not say that?’

All bibles should say that, because there is only ONE Creator RA and unless your god or saviour predates baRA, RA/RE or Amun RA including mythical jesus with no J in the 1st King James Bible or any historical, scientific or archaeological proof or evidence he ever existed; then be still and spiritual not man-made religion or religious.

In His Service,


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