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Kanye West NO Rich Man can enter Kingdom of Creator

Kanye West no rich man can enter the Kingdom of Creator fact not fiction lets talk?

There is NO WAY on planet Earth I am going to sit, be silent and watch Kanye West create, spit and spew more genocide, division and BS worldwide online and offline.

He made millions with HipHop and Rap which openly promoted anger, gang violence, division and is now claiming WITHOUT baptism to be a white jesus promoter and follower alongside KKK Trump.

Who attended or witnessed Kanye West getting or being baptized before the date of this article?

Yet this fool has just released his ‘Jesus is King’ crap album and also held several Kanye West Sunday services and previously claimed he is Yeezus or Jesus this is insanity.

Have you known anyone of any religion or denomination to get invites to preach or sing in any megachurch without being baptized? Can you or I ride a horse through Church and stand next to jesus slave Jesse Jackson Snr?

This is the hyprocrisy, genocide and blatant wolf in sheep clothing musical pantomines of so-called mega-church preachers, pastors and bishops who are so lost themselves all they see is more cash, and TV ratings than truth or lie worldwide.

CyberRev is inviting Kanye West or any mega-church pastor or preacher to come do a LIVE Twitter or interview defending your white-jesus or Sunday worship and lets see who has UNIVERSAL KINGDOM truth or lie.

On his album he uses the word HALLELU-YAH and does not even know or understand this holy word has nothing to do with any white Greco-Roman christianity or christian jesus. The word YAH is YHWH RA or better Amun RA/RE Most High. There is only one Creator of Heaven and Earth right?

Kanye West also openly claims to support and love KKK Trump and has stated: SLAVERY is a choice. This guy has no idea what he is doing or has done across the music industry, politics and now entering gospel industry. This is a genocide! This is insanity! This is heresy! This is wolf in sheep clothing or a thong. This is evil! This is anti-KINGDOM of Creator RA Most High.

CyberRev is not going to allow Kanye West or any more mega-church pastors, bishops and clergy of any religion or denomination to steal and destroy the minds and lives of mankind worldwide.

We do NOT need anymore mega-churches or musical pantomines of 1HR on Sunday, when the Holy Bible clearly states 7th DAY Sabbath not hours.

No, I am not promoting adventism as they too blindly follow pink, white jesus. They also lack KINGDOM OF RA wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Also the KINGDOM of CREATOR YHWH, AMUN RA, YAH is within Luke 17:21 .

Time for KINGDOM without walls, religions and denominations worldwide.

In His Service,


Escaping Your Egypt & Bondage

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