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Joe Rogan & Elon Musk Sit Your A*ss Down!

Joe Rogan & Elon Musk both need to sit their a*ss down and shut-up when it come’s to trying to to explain african, AFU-RA-KA, Royal, people and great, biblical, Garden of Eden, real Holy Bible, Genius-Genesis, beginning of time on Earth.

My title is serious and intentional, I actually wanted to say shut the F*K up!

For the record, I am tired of pink people trying to explain AFU-RA-KA aka Africa without ever declaring it as the original, biblical, Garden of Eden, where african people of Royal, king’s, queen’s, god’s and goddess’s, have originally discovered and innovated everything from science, electricty, mathematic’s, architecture, astronomy, alphabet, language’s, writing and every utensil or product, anyone can see or find on Earth, worldwide today.

Doe’s Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Nikola Tesla or Einstein think people of AFU-RA-KA aka Africa and the Caribbean do not know who has the oldest human DNA on planet Earth? Or where the river Nile of any so-called bible written of world is located?

How can you have the River Nile in any so-called Bible and not conclude or use the word’s Africa or African? Plus, if you have the River Nile in any so-called Bible, then with the River Nile must come with not just Africa, but african people and the Holy Pyramid’s built by african Royal people of the earliest Garden of Eden, Royal dynastie’s.

That was until cunning, lying, terrorist, ignorant, racist people, like Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, Christopher Columbus, Alexander the [not] Great, Pagan Rome, and the Good Jesus Slave Ship, set sail on their voyage of invasion, rape and murder, to then rob, steal, lie, and fabricate everything of AFU-RA-KA and the Caribbean, as the only real Garden of Eden, land and Kingdom people.

Now Elon Musk think’s because he high-jacked the Tesla name from the original Nikola Tesla he think’s the world of people will now award and see him as the modern Nikola Tesla.

I don’t think that will happen, you bought Twitter for 44 BILLION USD and I could have saved you 40 BILLION, had you come got Consultancy and advice from CyberRev.

What were you ever thinking when you knew Twitter is controlled by bot’s worldwide and unless you can control every bot, you will never own or control Twitter.

Also if you were to control every person behind every bot, your engagement level’s would be far worse than what your experinecing now, and Twitter will ultimately become a grave-yard.

People worldwide now want to work for what THEY OWN, not for follower’s or subscriber’s YOU OWN.


You both have NO RIGHT/AUTHORITY to speak on anything of Royal, biblical, AFU-RA-KA. As you do not qualify and will never qualify, as both do NOT carry the Holy biblical, DNA, knowledge, wisdom or understanding that cannot come from any world education, only of Kingdom, Spirit-spirit and universal Creator.

This is not no mythical, jesus on a donkey BS. This is what most people on planet Earth, even most people born across Africa aka AFU-RA-KA still need to PUT THEIR MIND, SOUL, BODY, SPIRIT FORTH, back to the original, Pyramid, Garden of Eden, of original god’s. goddess’s. king’s and queen’s of the only Creator SUN not son.

Try to understand, Joe Rogan & Elon Musk are racist, lying, mis-informed people as friend’s, who believe Pyramid’s were built by black people, as alien’s.

They also believe many other thing’s far worse, but they are trying to only become the modern-slave-master’s of this micro-chip, social media, burnout, uneducated, stressed-out, racist world.

Who feel’s it and has lived it, enslaved most their life, DON’T F*K with it. There is no way, you and Elon Musk will ever become the modern-day slavemaster’s with your scientific, religious, racist, alien, micro-chip, BS.

It is TIME for only people who are called, chosen, knowledgeable to speak on the original, biblical, Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA. Do not get me wrong, I am NOT speaking or referring to any religion or denomination, as this is all man-made, myth’s, fable’s, ideologie’s and theologie’s.

Most pink people male or female know secretly within they historically do:

  1. Alway’s LIE
  2. Alway’s DENY
  3. Alway’s BLAME
  4. Alway’s CLAIM
  5. Alway’s HATE
  6. Alway’s STEAL
  8. Alway’s think WHITE when really your PINK 24/7.

Do you really think the Creator Most High, created the original, biblical, Garden of Eden in cold America, Canada or anywhere else that is cold? How would you grow exotic fruit’s and specie’s in a cold Country?

I don’t think like most CYberRev article’s even after 10 years writing, this will get seen, shared or read by many, This is because most search engine’s and social media platform’s do NOT want the universal TRUTH to reach million’s.

They prefer the lies, deceit, decpetion, mistranslation’s, pink invader BS, worldwide. This is why they are entertaining black people, keeping them dancing, selfie, drug taking, escorting, LGBTQ, impoverished, unemployed and uneducated, so they become alien’s and ready to destroy first self, then their own community.

They also want you so in love with a mythical, fable, jesus on a donkey, of only 33 year’s in AFU-RA-KA, with african Royal and biblical people are recorded 100,000 year’s old.


Yet, you won’t research, read, meditate, honor, respect, pray, bow, worship, embrace ROYAL PYRAMID’s or 100% fact, most thing’s on planet Earth, are all created by brown people of all shades, including native, American Indian’s and Amerindian’s of the Caribbean and world.

In Universal Service,


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