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JEWS, JEWISH, LIES & DECEPTION – What and whom do you think are original and real Jews or Jewish people? What if I told you real jews and jewish people are 100% of AFRICA, plus the Holy Bible is written in and of 100% mostly AFRICA?

To prove it where do you think the Nile River is located? Where is Mount Sinai? Why do you think they call ENOCH an Ethiopian? What do hebrews or a Hebrew look like? So how do you get a mythical, phoney, fable, white JESUS ON A DONKEY WITH 12 WHITE DISCIPLES IN AFRICA? IMPOSSIBLE.

What most professed christians or christianity do NOT know is there is and never was any white or pink JESUS THAT EVER EXISTED. The Greco-Roman, Catholic Church, Pope and Constantine like batman created a mythical, lie, religious, deception so they could ‘white-wash’ steal, re-write and fabricate the original AFRICA alphabet, Holy Bible, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, intelligence, concept, Holy commandments of MAAT, appointed gods and goddesses of the original CREATOR RA OF THE UNIVERSE. KHAZAR fake jews are no different.

They rewrote the original ARAMAIC or original Hebrew which had NO VOWELS with their version of their vowels like the 1st King James Bible had NO J; so how could King James even know of any person called Jesus with no J? He may have known of IESOUS as the vowels of English are A, E, I, O, U then they later changed the vowel of I to J. Go do the research what the word IESOUS stands for and if the Greco-Roman, Pope, Catholics did not know it means: HAIL ZEUS? Read this PDF…

One has to understand the RELIGIOUS GLOBAL DECEPTION they did not want original Creator, gods and goddesses to be black, brown or of AFRICA. They did NOT also want YOU to know you are by DNA, Royal, Kemet, Egypt, AFRICA King, Queen by original, blood-line descent. They enslaved and STOLE your birthright!

They took the intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of AFRICA ROYALTY; then altered, mistranslated and re-wrote THEIR VERSIONS of many religions including ISLAM to man-made fit religions to various people, cultures and world so THEY as Christian, Chrisianity could now rule over 1 BILLION people worldwide and make multi-billion or trillions.

What is jewishness? No-one on planet Earth is 100% black or white so why do we live in a fake black and white world? Most people are shades of brown and pink worldwide.Few people are Antisemitic most people are Ant-africanism for they hate and hide the universal TRUTH of BIBLICAL AFRICA.

Checkout the articles and PROOF of where, what, and how original JEWS or JEWISH people look, come from and appear as original HEBREWS who spoke and speak original ARAMAIC HEBREW not the modern, bastardized, lying, deceptive, fake, Khazar jew language and identity, designed to kill, steal and destroy original Hebrews and Jews of AFRICA; and the Garden of Eden is also 100% of Africa.

Time for people of the world of all nations, tongues and people to AWAKE within and set yourself FREE by the renewing of your MIND, HEART, SOUL and SPIRIT. For too long pagan, Greco-Roman, Catholic, Church of England and fake Khazar jews have invaded, killed, steal, manipulated, altered and destroyed original AFRICA TRUTH.

In 2021, this is the time of UNIVERSAL AWAKENING! Are you open and ready for what is universal TRUTH? Please like, share this video do NOT keep it to yourself or under a bushel…… will be judged for reading this truth. Like, SUBSCRIBE as most social media platforms do NOT want this type of truth or LIGHT, they prefer people enslaved and mind-controlled of world.

Article 1 –… Article 2 –… Article 3 –… Article 4 –… Also visit for mindfulness and spiritual information.

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