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Jesus is a Mythical Clone

Jesus is a mythical clone. This is what most people from all beliefs, religions and denominations do not understand. Lets talk…

Do you see the REAL SUN not son of a man-made god or gods behind the head of the image above?

This is the global secret most religions and denominations do NOT want you to know or discover. Why? Because like most of world history they do NOT want you to know the real Garden of Eden is and will always be AFRICA.

This also goes for most if not all of the biblical characters of the Holy Bible, 1st written in STONE of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, Dead Sea Scrolls and Pyramids being too colourful, black or brown for white jesus lying, cheating, slavemaster, mythical, racist, fake scholars and historians who hate the fact: AFRICA rules all things of Heaven to Earth.

Here are the facts: which region of this world has more gold, diamonds, oil, biblical artifacts, exotic fruits, animals and the OLDEST HUMAN DNA on planet Earth? Try researching Africa of the oldest map and Pyramids that was Kemet, Nubia, Sudan and Ethiopia of AFRICA. Then research San People who have the oldest human DNA on planet Earth.

Then comprehend how on Earth can fake white jesus of only 33 years be connected to AFRICA 12 tribes [not 12 fake white disciples] people who lived 300,000 plus years before he was ever invented or myth created like batman or popeye the sailor man?

I know, you will not hear this from TD Jakes, Joel Olsteen, the Pope, Creflo Dollar or Billy Graham and son, because they prefer mythical religion and denominations that sell books, CD’s and take cash only more than admit the Creator is the SUN not son and anyone can TALK or SPEAK directly with the Creator of Heaven and Earth free 24/7 [within] worldwide.

They also choose and fail to go against the world popular fiction or myth of christianity or christian of white jesus created by Greco-Roman pagan Constantine who created the fake, mythical gospel of world , yes world because it is of world NOT of Heaven to Earth. They all need to read 1 John 2: 15-17.

Do not love the world or the things that belong to the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him. 16 For everything that belongs to the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride in one’s lifestyle—is not from the Father, but is from the world. 17 And the world with its lust is passing away, but the one who does God’s will remains forever.

The translated versions of the Bible does mix TRUTH but one has to learn to unravel what is mythical like jesus, 12 white disciples, Khazar israel of 1948 NOT Yisrael, and the flood which was really the NILE always flooding but taken way out of context, to create Noah story when it is impossible to place all the exotic animals and species on planet Earth into or on any boat or ship period.


Are you deceived is a very serious, valid, spirtitual, biblical and eternal question. Don’t try to defend yourslef by saying I KNOW JESUS IS NOT WHITE or who cares what colour jesus is. It sure matters what you bow down before, call upon and claim will save the world and yourself within.

Would you call jesus batman or tarzan? Would you say jesus or your personal saviour has dreadlocks and is kemet black? Would you accept the historical, biblical and Creator of Heaven and Earth the Garden of Eden is Africa? Also would you accept ENOCH, Abraham, Moses and David plus most characters of the real Holy Bible were of Africa or african, hebrew, nubian decent who ruled the royal dynasties and kingdoms of this world?

No this is not a black or white world or issue this too is a myth and racist segregational and divisional man-made social agenda. The Creator of Heaven and Earth is Spirit to spirit within. What colour is Spirit to spirit? It is colorless.

This is why most people on planet Earth are being DECEIVED. Now you have Kanye West spending MILLIONS to promote a fake, mythical, white Trump, Pope, evangelical jesus. What a fool and the Bible does warn and talk about fools.

A fool takes no pleasure in knowledge, wisdom or understanding, but only in expressing his or her religion, denomination or opinion. – Proverbs 18:2 [Yes CyberRev has edited and made more sense of the translated version of so-called biblical scholars, I have that Spirit to spirit power and authority of Creator Amun Yah most high]

I just read this article stating:

Ra, or better know as Amun Ra, gained popularity and fame from Dan Brown’s novel ‘The Lost Symbol’ and ‘Da Divanci Code.’ Robert Langdon, in the novel ‘The Lost Symbol’, explained to his students at Harvard University how he prayed to Ra during full moon nights with others who believed in this mystical Egyptian King, who many advised was a being of another world. Langdon went on to explain how George Washington, too, prayed to Amun Ra.  For me as an author, my introduction to Amun Ra was done by Jordan Maxwell, who explained, as to why Christians say ‘Amen’ at the end of each prayer. This is due to the fact The Vatican Church always wanted to pay tribute to King Ra, whose life they cloned into their own version called ‘The Bible’, and its Character Jesus Christ, who lived the exact same life as Ra; while Ra was born 3,000 years before Jesus.  [Source link above]

I call Amun Ra also Amun Yah as we say HalleluYAH, which more accurately describes and connects holy, spiritual and biblical words of meaning and power from Heaven to Earth. Just HIS NAME has taken me decades to unravel and find what has the most power, meaning and truth within and around.

From the above article one can see and read many best-sellers of fiction and non-fiction KNOW what is universal truth including the Pope, but many religions and denominations choose to promote, sell and market a lie of fake, white, mythical, xmas, gospel white jesus.

I realize the shock and potential anger one can feel when they begin to unravel and discern the biiggest global deception on planet Earth is THERE IS NO JESUS.

The truth is and has always been there is only Amun RA Yah Re as the sun, moon, stars, cosmos and universe. All things of Heaven to Earth has always been and created as Spirit to spirit or spiritual forces and force as the seasons, light, night and how the mind, soul and brain operates worldwide of neurons, breath, thought etc.

There is no need to create images or bow down with SIGHT more than faith, trust, love, hope and wisdom. Time for a change and let HIS universal truth reign as IT IS WRITTEN in stone not paper of world.

In His Service,


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