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Jerusalem to Babylon

Jerusalem to Babylon is really Yerusalem to babylon combatting things and beliefs of world. Lets talk…

What most people do not understand is there is NO old and new testament…we are all living in the midst of HIS Holy Word for good and evil worldwide.

When you read Jeremiah chapters 29 and 30 and focus on the words ‘from Jerusalem to Babylon’ [29: 1] understand this is a residue of KINGDOM believing people not of carnal religions and denominations.

Understand the real Holy Bible is written on STONE then translated from stone like the Egyptian hieroglyphs, Dead Sea Scrolls or Pyramids to imperfect translated and eroneous languages, cultures, religions and denominations of world. Then ponder or question does it spiritually worship, counsel or praise ONE CREATOR AND UNIVERSAL KINGDOM.

This is the global world problem, too many eroneous religions and denominations. Too many man-made interpretations and beliefs boxed into religions and denominations of world. This is NOT A UNIVERSAL KINGDOM within.

This is why Creator Amun RA YAH caused a remnant of KINGDOM believers to be carried from Yerusalem the Holy City to Babylon:

Thus saith Amun Yah the LORD of hosts, the Creator God of Israel, unto all the captivity whom I have caused to be carried away captive from Jerusalem unto Babylon – Jeremiah 29: 4.

Why would the Creator create or use ‘captivity‘ then and of the now to teach KINGDOM believers how to transition and journey within from Yerusalem to Babylon a strange and foreign land of world?

Have you ever asked Creator Most High what is going on? Why the captivity or strange trials, circumstances and experiences of life? The answer is in Jeremiah chapters 29 and 30, so your in Babylon awaiting the YOKE to be broken and captivity of trials, suffering and slavery to completely end. This is what is happening to KINGDOM believers worldwide.

Yet in Babylon remnant KINGDOM believers in captivity, were commanded as a strategic spiritual plan to also: TAKE YE WIVES plural to over populate and rule over their enemies. This is why we suffer and have failed as a KINGDOM of believers worldwide:

Take ye wives, and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters; and multiply ye there, and be not diminished. – Jeremiah 29: 6

Babylon of world counteracts this command by most countries of world stating a man can only marry one woman right?

I know most religions and denominations will NOT clap, bang their tamberines and shout AMEN to such a commandment. Have most religions and denominations been created to enforce slavery and captivity of Babylon world beliefs, practices, habits and things within and around? I think so.

In fact I know so, this is why most religions and denominations are FRUITLESS no matter how many CD’s, tapes, books or services you attend or how much tithe you pay over years and decades.

I am being serious. Now you have Kanye West and his idiotic rap, Trump style Sunday fake white jesus versions of religion and denominations further corrupting the minds, spirits and souls of mankind and world.


Babylon still exists then and now of today, in fact babylon rules all of world within and around of most people. This is why most women and girls openly wear lingerie to nightclubs, show their breasts like Kanye West’s wife, love sex videos and porn with a rabbit more than a man or KINGDOM MAN of Creator Amun Yah Most High worldwide.

No, I am not judging or knocking anyone just straight up biblical facts, when I see hypocrisy and fake white jesus genocide now mixed with rap, hip hop or religious Sunday promotions, I have to address it as a KINGDOM MAN of the Most High YAH.

You see Babylon has just adopted a new Sunday religious white jesus slavery tactic and this is idiotic Kanye West. Even the 666 POPE now supports Kanye West.

West allegedly got a 68 MILLION USD tax refund for being a jesus church. Can a rich man enter the Kingdom of Creator YHWH? Not according to biblical scripture, money can never buy you salvation or HIS KINGDOM within.

For they prophesy falsely unto you in My name; I have not sent them, saith YHWH YAH the LORD. – Jeremiah 29; 9

This is what most people of world, religions and denominations fail to understand or comprehend. Your being DECEIVED with a Greco-Roman fake, mythical white jesus. Now Kanye West from the genocide of gang, guns, sex videos and violence where he made MILLIONS is now promoting rap, Sunday jesus, religious genocide worldwide with Pope, Trump and evangelicals..

This is Babylon captivity on steroids. BE YE NOT DECEIVED!

For thus saith YHWH the LORD: After seventy years are accomplished for Babylon, I will remember you, and perform My good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place. – Jeremiah 29: 10

Don’t fall for modern-day Babylon tacics to now use Kanye West who states slavery is a choice, to make you choose the wrong road, choice, belief and be ENSLAVED BY 666 demonic Sunday white jesus BS.

The Garden of Eden is and still is Africa. The pyramids, Dead Sea scrolls and all real artifacts older than Islam, christian and christianity is of Africa. You are a KINGDOM king and queen of Africa within.

There is NO black and white people on planet Earth period. The Creator of Heaven and Earth is 100% about Spirit to spirit not color or color of skin.

For, lo, the days come, saith Amun Yah the LORD, that I will turn the captivity of My people Yisrael NOT Israel and of Yahudah not Judah, saith YHWH the LORD; and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their kemet, nubia, african valley of the kings fathers, and they shall possess it.’ – Jeremiah 30: 3

Time for a new way and new KINGDOM mindset returnng back to ONE CREATOR in and through us all worldwide. We do not need any religion or denomination just HIS KINGDOM RA within. Luke 17: 21

In His Service,


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