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JayZ is King of Genocide

JayZ is King of Genocide and here are the receipts of Nas, DMX and Nipsey Hussle, RIP. Let’s talk...

True story, CyberRev use to talk to Beyonce way back in MySpace days until I told her in a MySpace conversation ‘JayZ is not the one for you.’ This was when they were early days dating then Beyonce stop communicating.

I still stand on EVERY WORD even if they are now married decades later with several children. The reason for such words is they are all Spiritual and divine; and I always remember what I do and say, and I know what evil and genocide look’s like.

JayZ, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, P Diddy, 50 Cent etc to me must collectively take responsibility for the genocide and promotion of degrading narratives, labels and slogans forced upon girls, boys, women and men of color like H*E*, B*T*H*S, Nigga, Niggers, gangsta’s and thugs.

Here is the definition of the word Genocide:

Genocide is the intentional action to destroy a people—usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group—in whole or in part. Wikipedia

So in-order for me to accuse JayZ, Nas, PDiddy and Rick Ross etc of Genocide, I must prove the above definition. How many children, women and men have died in gang, drugs, violent, knife and gun crimes worldwide as a result of Hip Hop music lifestyles and mindsets?

How many rappers have been shot, killed and drug-infested due to rappers boasting of FAKE cash, guns, jewelry and parading and tricking women to the point most women and girls act like strippers and H*Es, even in church.

Do you remember the days when Oprah would not associate herself with JayZ or aspiring rappers because she felt they were openly degrading and disrespecting women of all color’s?

Motown, soul and RnB music would never dare market the derogatory S**T these drug infested, drop-out, trigger happy, wannabe gangsta’s, mix-tape, hot-heads, spit not sing or think today.

JayZ what have YOU or most rappers done towards educating, protecting, advancing or motivating over 30 MILLION black people in the U.S. who a growing portion now cannot read or write? The facts, statistics and answer has to be little to nothing.

Jay Z can marry Beyonce and win over Oprah despite publicly calling women H*ES & B*T*H*S whilst making millions from women and men purchasing JayZ albums.

How strange, to this day I cannot get away with stating Jesus on a Donkey and all religions and denominations are fake lies and deception online or offline. I could have dated and slept with over 100 women in the last decade, if I only stated I love Jesus but refused.

I cannot understand how JayZ made multi-millions into billions calling women hoe’s. bitches and tricking drugs, strippers and genocide with music. What a carnal legacy.

In 2009 Oprah visited Marcy Projects with JayZ to film for her network. I remember thinking to myself did Oprah really change her mind about JayZ, lyrics and words? Is Oprah going to promote this?


How does JayZ get away with such demonic BS? CyberRev has been online from 2000 and in twenty-one years to this day I am struggling and fighting to get views or followers on YouTube, Twitter or post on major social media platforms without them chopping followers or security checking me daily.

Quite frankly, major social media platforms do NOT want historical, positive, spiritual, controversial, black and brown, conscious TRUTH online, period. They are afraid of brown and black, afro-centric people awakening within and discovering who they really are or were born of ROYALTY.

Any seasoned, online professional will tell you most social media platforms are racially profiling and CENSORING who and what they list or promote. They love anything that makes brown and black people look criminal. impoverished, divided, uneducated, gangsta, thug, dysfunctional, LGBTQ, imprisoned, enslaved or violent.

This is nothing new, these are the racist tactics of the mainstream media controlled by most jews and pink people from the days of slavery, Jim Crow, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela worldwide.

Now they are clearly using Hip Hop, Rap and Reality TV to further drive the genocide, murder, slavery and enslavement of people of color worldwide.

Do you think JayZ influences the Hip Hop music industry? Do you think JayZ has a say in who gets to be successful and who does not?

Megan Thee Stallion managed by JayZ is a very good example. She is now hired to great fame and Grammy Awards to make as women twerk, stick out their tongues, wear less clothes, think they are independent and in need of no Man just a Rabbit or same-sex will do.

Do you think Jay Z had anything to do with Little Nas promoting LGBTQ as the Hip Hop global strategy alongside Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and a whole bunch of in the closet rappers?

Really all this negativity started opening-up from the public kiss of Lil Wayne & BirdMan. I come from an era, you got stabbed or shot for stepping on another man’s shoes, much less kissing another man.

Look at the uproar worldwide when Birdman and Lil Wayne committed this sin and by DIVINE order Karma, has destroyed them both into division and ultimate music label destruction. Take note because Hip Hop will eventually end-up like demonic Rock Music.

Even beautiful, talented, black and brown men and women especially NBA players have been constantly targeted even by Trump and global media outlets online and offline.

Jay Z owns a talent management company have you ever heard Jay Z defending anyone against racism LIVE online or national TV? Sure, I am aware of JayZ and Meek Mill collaborating to fight for a better and fairer U.S. Judicial system….but I am also aware this only came about after Meek Mill was re-sentenced for probation violation and JayZ was clout chasing on the fame and support of people worldwide fighting to FREE MEEK MILL.

I will never write any article unless I do my due-diligence and research with links and facts. If it were not for global, public, support, online and offline Meek Mill would most likely still be in jail.

Is JayZ Secretly Disrespecting Legends and the Dead?

What prompted me to write this article after so many years is Nas and his recent revelation of what JayZ said about Tupac, Biggie and DMX. Here is the transcript:

So JayZ is bigger than ‘Nature‘ now? This is insulting the baRA, Creator, Divine and his universal Kingdom which means Karma like a tornado or the real size of Nature is coming to JayZ. Watch.

For JayZ to also disrespect his industry legends like Tupac, Biggie, DMX and not even admit Nipsey Hussle was a better rapper than JayZ, Shows JayZ is NOT about loyalty, honesty, integrity or even community or homies, he is like all his words above.

We all have FREE-CHOICE to say and do as we desire, but there is only good and evil, right and wrong and NO-ONE on planet Earth can have or do both. I represent and do good not evil and even if I draw my ‘spiritual sword‘ or tell you where to go, I do it for good not evil.

In conclusion, the world of people can no longer sit back and watch these demonic, confused, naked, men, women and industry evil representatives attack and control the minds of our children, youth, relatives and communities.

I do not care what you are branded, named or called if it is NOT love, positivity, empowerment, education and prosperity with peace within, I will be one person to stand, write and address it to the gods and goddesses, kings and queens of the KINGDOM of baRA the Creator.

Time for positive global change,

In Universal Service,


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