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Is Praying A Sacrifice or Sacrificial?

Is praying a sacrifice or sacrificial? Not just a fundamental or spiritual life question, but a question that need’s to be asked and fully debated by mankind. Let’s talk...

I came across the Youtube Channel of Professor, Jordan B Peterson to whom I now fully respect, for his intelligent, brave, bold, direct and unwavering stance for most thing’s he believe’s and actions, even to the point of do or die.

I watched his recent video where he and his daughter shared their long-suffering, feeling’s, trial’s and affliction’s spanning year’s into decade’s against establishment’s, corporation’s, politicians’ and individual’s, who simply despise and hate her father, Prof. Jordan B Peterson for [simply] academic, web, social media, YouTube and viral success.

I then decided to peruse his YouTube channel and into my second video option, I selected his round-table video on the topic: PRAYER IS A SACRIFICE.

Watching and listening, I knew I had to write on this topic and subject as I feel although the topic in question is profoundly deep, complex, intrinsic, universal and spiritual, it does NOT mean it is has anything to do with any religion, political, scientific or denomination, of a man-made world.

I hope Professor Jordan B Peterson read’s this article, and let me state from the outset, although I may disagree with some or most thing’s his roundtable suggested, discussed or concluded on this topic. This is because I Unapologetic, no longer see or experience most or anything from purely a religious, political, cultural, denominational or world point of view.

I am now more into direct universal alignment, guidance and direction to the point of learning and sacrificing everything of world to gain or receive all things universal.

Yes, this is going to be a deep article because in-order to arise or grow to the height’s of the cosmos or universe, sitting powerfully above all of our head’s, we have to be willing to sacrifice all thing’s world as in 1 John 2: 15-17.

I am also going to deliberately edit 1 John 2: 15-17 because all Holy scripture’s originated from the oldest human DNA and original Garden of Eden, which is still 100% AFU-RA-KA.

Therefore by default, ANKH, Amun RA, RE, DNA, I have the spiritual and universal gift and right to edit anything stolen, bastardized and manipulated out of AFU-RA-KA, the original, Royal, spiritual and still, Holy, Garden of Eden.

What 1 John 2: 15-17 is really suppose to say is:

Do not love the world or anything in or of the world as people or man-made. If anyone as a person or people love the world or man-made things of world, love for the universal Creator as SUN not son is not in them. For everything man-made in the world as people, the lust of the eyes, mind, spirit and body, and the pride of eyes, mind, spirit and body – come’s NOT from the Creator, as SUN or universe, Kingdom of Heaven, but from the world and man-made things, belief’s, evil and carnal, ideologies of the world. Therefore, the world and thing’s of the world do wither and pass away, but whoever or whomever does the will or predestined, preordained destiny of the Creator, Most High, through his Holy, universal, Spirit-spirit, live’s forever in eternity. This is not Eschatology, this is past, present and future combined.

Now you can see why I had to sacrifice all things world or man-made, including wealth, riches of world, SDA, kindergarten, religious, denominational, upbringing and family tradition’s, to enter into the limitless, universal, Kingdom of the Creator, Most High, of the now into eternity.

I am trying to show you, the Creator as SUN not mythical, religious, fable, denominational, pink son on a donkey in AFU-RA-KA aka Africa, has not ever changed or relinquished power.

He still is 100% SPIRIT-spirit, along with all the god’s, goddess’s, king’s and queen’s and all ancestor’s, from the Garden of Eden until today. They collectively still manage, regulate and provide’s, the cosmos as SUN, moon, stars, season’s, life, breath, food, warmth with blessing’s.


100% yes! The reason for this is without sacrifice which really is submission or commitment to persue, commit, act or do a specific action, direction or thing, how can one prove or demonstrate sacrifice or faith?

Sacrifice and sacrificial are of the same vocabulary root and tree right? Well, they should be, but as one can see below depending on the person or belief, sacrifice and sacrificial can have very different thought’s, meaning’s, belief’s and action’s.

This is why one has to understand NOT everything you read or think in the translated bible, is the original Holy Bible of AFU-RA-KA, Amun RA, Garden of Eden, Creator and Heaven.

Most people on Earth have been handed, sold or been forced to read, obey and believe a translated, man-made, bastardized book they happen to call the Holy Bible, written only in 1611.

One has to ask him or herself, what about 15 other centuries and the world of royalty, tribes and people before?

Now let’s dig deeper and boldly state: What if sacrifice and being sacrificial of a man-made world [not Heaven] is so evil and corrupt of this world, most religion’s and denomination’s have turned this into evil more than good?

If you disagree with such a notion, this is most likely because you are still colonial, imperial and slavemaster enslaved or so religious and denominational, like a horse with blinker’s you cannot see anything right, left, above or behind.

Perhap’s you need to examine the word religious:


Are you or your pastor, bishop, clergy, priest, rabbi, imam, religious and or scrupulous or contentious? Do you know any churchfolks like that?

Do you notice how evil has taken the ORIGINAL & OLDEST CROSS which is the ANKH of AFU-RA-KA and attempted to fool, enslave and decieve people into their many forms of religious and denominational crosses and crucifixe’s, which are the real BAAL worship of worldwide Babylon.

Remember I stated praying is a sacrifice and sacrificial, however this is NOT of any man-made. religion or denomination. This is universal only of Spirit-spirit and Heaven within, nothing in between. I want to make this absolutely clear.

I am NOT into anything evil, wicked or of this world period. I will stand into my afterlife for my universal, spiritual, belief of the oldest name of the Creator of AFU-RA-KA, Amun RA, RE. And anyone who does not agree this is the Creator as SUN not man-made, mythical, fable, son, ask yourself can paper of 1611 predate STONE?

Like I have stated in many articles I have been through long-suffering, sacrifice’s, pain, lack, wealth, whirlwind’s, storm’s, climbed mountain’s, been through water and still awaiting some spiritual, universal, destiny and promises, of the Most High.



Notice sacrifice alway’s tend’s to start out solo and lead into plural over time and space. It is almost as if the universal Creator has already predestined and pre-ordained not just our creation, but everything we all will have to study, battle, walk, experience, free choice or choose, for good or evil on Earth.

Most times we have to walk alone and there are many people who are even married and still walking alone, worldwide. Oftentimes as a true spiritual, Kingdom, heavenly believer [not religious] you will walk or wonder across the wilderness, fiery furnace, be rejected and crucified all for doing what most people will soon experience.

Over many decade’s of seeking the Holy, universal, still small voice, most of my time spent on Earth has been in solitude and silence, regardless of Country and location.

This is what even my so called family, relatives and close friends do not know, I have always sat in parks, found water and even the forest as my peace and spiritual counsel through the universal, Holy Spirit.

In fact, I know when the potter or the universal, Creator want’s anyone to stay on their path, calling or destiny, they cannot avoid becoming a sacrificial lamb or sacrificial chosen one. The reason for this is, to whom much is given much is required right? And to construct or ascend one has to first go through preparation or demolition to construct or abound.

The universal, Holy Spirit and Creator also has to highly test and approve us all. Without a test or many test’s how will we ever have a golden TESTIMONY OR MIRACLE?

Thing’s of world, mixed ideologie’s, action’s and belief’s are changing more into SODOM & GOMORRAH. Almost as if Hollywood, LGBTQ, #MEETOO, Hip Hop, Jesuit and de-population, narcissistic, political, harlot, Jezebel, Delilah, spirits are taking over media, RealityTV, music, education and freedom of speech, worldwide.

Slavery was a sacrfice and sacrficial experience for all people of AFU-RA-KA and Amer-Indian tribes and people. America and Australia still claim Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean, but how can this ever make rational, intellectual, honest, common-sense?

When any scientist, historian and politcian can research, read or count and conclude people older by Royal, melanin, DNA, totalling million’s, who predate, pink, pirate, invader, rapist, murderer, terrorist, Columbus, Alexander the Great, Rome and Einstein.

This is why AFU-RA-KA, Royal, Garden of Eden, spiritual, educated, anointed, chosen, divine, spiritual inventor’s, of alphabet, mathematic’s, astrology, numerology, science, physic’s, architecture, fashion, utensil’s, gold, diamond, silver, copper and more, are stolen into museum’s of the world and still priceless, today.

I hope Professor, Jordan B Peterson win’s the battle of sacrifice and sacrificial long-suffering. I mean this sincerely, because only the Creator select’s and permit’s [like african Abraham, Ruth, David or JOB] our battle’s and our affliction’s.

And they all according to reward, are permitted to test us all for our eternal testimony for good or evil.

In Universal Service,


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