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Internet vs the Brain

Internet vs the Brain is a marriage of good and deceit that could ultimately lead to divorce or destruction. Lets talk...

The Earth is around 4.5 BILLION years old whilst the Internet is only around 50 yrs old, yet the Internet is quickly controlling the minds of human’s to the point of human’s being mind-controlled by gadgets and technoligies worldwide.

This is VERY dangerous. Why would government’s or anyone want to LITERALLY control humans and their minds? You thnk this is far-fetched? Have you noticed how most humans cannot drive, communicate, message or be entertained without using their smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC?

Also, now the world has CCTV, video door-bells and cameras on TV, smartphones, gadgets, vehicles, stores, streets, highways and even at work. What is this WORLD becoming? Why is the WORLD trying to sell, dominate, track and control humans?

The sad thing is most humans worldwide are blind and oblivious to technologies and the Internet targeting full control of their brain. Watch this video:

The United States of America is the one who invented the Internet & WWW. The United States of America is also the one with the most powerful technologies, web, sanctions and military power on Earth.

If one examines and adds the allies of the United States of America and watch how PRIVACY of every human is being eroded online and offline, to the point you cannot purchase a new vehicle, laptop or smartphone without being asked: WE NEED ACCESS TO YOUR MICROPHONE & CONTACTS by a multitude of apps.

It is no more about information, communication and or entertainment the end-game is MIND-CONTROL worldwide. They literally want the BRAIN +THOUGHTS of every person on planet Earth so your government can control and SELL each and every human for cash by knowledge and information + TAX.

I am not sitting here writing this for nothing, I know how and where such knowledge, wisdom and understanding comes from. I can see where the WORLD is going and what the forces of evil are trying to do worldwide.

My biggest concern over the last year is how lazy, docile and illiterate the world of people have become even with a so-called education. Why would any smart or educated person want to use their GPS on a smartphone to drive or use a online giant by VOICE which requires GPS activation, to tell their brain answers or instructions to questions they can read on a smartphone, book, or search any answer online with privacy?

The more anyone depends on the use of gadgets or technologies the more they become a human digital SLAVE. Once should always use gadgets or technologies with one fundamental question in mind: can I protect, handle and control my privacy, identity, content and location?

Watch this video:

Internet vs the Brain is a battle no human ever want’s to lose. There is no way I am going to allow no Internet, smartphone, laptop or PC to direct or control my brain, thinking or destiny. The human can always go back to paper, peace and writing.

Yes, I do type on a PC or laptop but who can predict what I am about to write or say if I do not permit it? One has to disable more than one enables in this world of technologies to keep control of your mind, thoughts and brain.

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