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I AM Mindset

I am Mindset is what most people in the world need to spend time doing daily. Lets talk...

Think about how much time YOU spend daily doing things of world ignoring the cosmos, nature, universe, Spirit to spirit and or positive thinking, motivation or prayer within.

This week I spent most of my time reflecting over the 2019 and how the world appears to be getting worst in morals, kindness, love, peace, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

It is as if humans have lost their minds literally.

So in this post I have decided its TIME to get back to basics. Forget useless religions and denominations and give 100 percent of YOU/I to the Creator of our universe or cosmos with Spirit to spirit. Romans 8:16

I know some may think this is pagan or evil REALLY? Then how do you think the world can survive without the cosmos or universe? One must NEVER worship or bow to any image not even a mythical, fake, Roman jesus right?

You shall have no other gods BEFORE ME. – Exodus 20:3

Do you know who the BEFORE ME is? It could NEVER be the Greco-Roman jesus with no J in Hebrew and no J in 1st King James Bible of 1611. Plus jesus only covers 33 years of myth, fables and pie in the sky pink stories. Think about:

  • How much time you spend depending on others
  • How much time you spend entertained of world
  • How much time you spend being someone else
  • How much time you spend being fearful
  • How much time you spend being stressed
  • How much time you spend rejected
  • How much time you spend being negative
  • How much time you spend ignoring the real YOU.


Its time for change…time to reverse all of the above into a positive and inspirational list daily. This is how you begin: simply listen, relax, pray and say I AM daily.

If you seek her as silver and search for her as for HIDDEN TREASURES . – Proverbs 2: 4

In His Service,


Who Am I?

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