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How to Meditate With God

How to Meditate with God. What if meditation is more important than exercise? Lets talk…

It could be argued that Meditation is not only direct connection with RA God but meditation balances the mind, soul, and spirit reducing or eliminating stress, anxiety and even FEAR within.

Meditation is also a combination of:

*Silence – meditation is silence as you are quieting your mind, soul and spirit within

*Solitude – most people fear solitude because they do not want to deal with self, emotions, fear or negative thoughts within

*Prayer – we actually all pray. We pray when we think, desire or want something to change or come into our lives

*Peace – who does not want peace? Yet, many try to get peace through drugs and alcohol which makes living or thinking clearly worse.

*Desire – we all desire change of something or someone in our lives. This is natural and a gift from Creator RA God.

*Love – what is Love? It is different from sex as sex lasts 1-45 minutes max and sex is sin if not married during sex.

*Submission – there is nothing wrong with submission because one has to submit even to you to serve you within.

*Hope – without hope we have no peace, love or desire within. This too is a universal gift from YHWH RA God.

Meditation is entry to Peace, Love and Power Within

To powerfully combine and utilize silence, meditation, peace, love and courage within, [producing universal results within and around] one needs  BELIEF.

Positive change cannot take place within or around without FAITH + BELIEF. One has to read, desire, pray, hope and believe positively not negatively all good things of RA God and the universe. Before meditation can benefit anyone like a computer database we need to DELETE all negative thoughts, words, expressions, pain and emotions from our mind, soul and spirit.

This helps faith and meditation to be FREE or have less conflicting obstacles within of mind, soul and spirit. Even if you do not believe in RA God you still have mind, soul and spirit.

In fact it is your mind, soul and spirit that is resisting or in disbelief or turmoil of the Creator YHWH RA GOD. I encourage you even as a gang member or atheist IF you desire peace and a new way of living within your mind, soul and spirit then practice all of the above. Practice like exercise or an athlete for anything you desire is what gains results.

Meditation will NOT work if you are taking alcohol or drugs. Meditation is  better than weed, blunt, cocaine, alcohol or heroin. Meditation is FREE! Meditation is peace! Meditation is power! Meditation connects you with you and the universe in love. Meditation done correctly with no negative ‘self-talk’ will be the best daily exercise you could ever desire on planet Earth. Meditating with God first takes respect, acknowledgement of the existence, creative power of love, peace and good of RA God within.

To reject Amun RA God exists as universal Creator, is to then rely totally upon world and self. This is fruitless and only breeds negative results and the opposite of all things good, peace and love.

How to Meditate

First, find a quiet place.

Second, quiet your mind, soul and spirit. Think of nothing. Try quietly whispering “Amun RA God I come, RA God I bow to you within’ if nothing happens keep repeating as RA God is universal intelligence and RA God wants us all to be sincere about our desires, belief and intentions within.

Third, relax!

Fourth, listen with your ears and hear what your soul or within of spirit is saying. If it is negative this is NOT RA God. For RA God is love, peace and harmony. Yes, RA God does speak for himself as we are all created in the image of RA God. Do NOT expect meditation to work immediately. It will not work until one is relaxed, quiet, submissive and silent within.

Fifth, believe peace, good and love exists. This only encourages positive belief and outcome.

Sixth, Thank RA YAH God in your quiet whispering mind, soul and spirit.

Seven, after you have meditated say Amun RA which means Amen to close and then journal what you have heard and experienced. Again, if it is negative or evil this is what YOU have written on the inside and this is your spiritual homework to begin correcting your ‘self-talk’, then once you have corrected your ‘self-talk’ return to meditating daily for positive results within.

In His service,


Meditation Benefits

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