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How to align yourself within is not easy but it is crucial to discovering who you really are, what is your divine purpose for living on Earth. Let’s talk...

To be honest after many decade’s of researching and trying to discover who am I? Why was I created? What is my divine purpose of the universal KINGDOM OF THE CREATOR? Just this week I had to dig even deeper within and now I feel more growth, peace, love and alignment with the universe within.

To get to this point of align thyself or yourself within of spiritual [not religious or denominational] discovery, one has to often sit, meditate, pray, reflect and dive deep into your mind, soul, spirit and body.

Most people on planet Earth, find this difficult as we all have a multitude of things to do, think, plan and action daily. We work in a ‘man-made’ world of ideologies, myths, labels and things who are always trying to shape and own our mind, soul and spirit.

The world of things, ideologies, beliefs, laws and governments are always trying to shape and control people worldwide. Even religions and denominations try to shape, control and direct what we must do, wear, eat, live and become.

This is NOT how the Creator of this universe intended or operate’s. The Creator of this universe of Heaven, Earth and people as world, only want’s us all to align ourselves with his universal KINGDOM that governs the SUN, MOON, STARS as cosmos daily.

So most ‘man-made’ religions and denominations do NOT want you/I to understand or grasp this Garden of Eden concept and discover we are actually all born co-creators with the universal CREATOR, but we all must first align and submit our mind, soul and spirit to his universal SPIRIT within.

This is not easy, but it is crucial. Not even baptism in any religious or denominational church, temple or mosque come’s close to the baptism and submission of your mind, soul and spirit directly unto the Creator SUN and universe above our heads.

Have you ever wondered why the SUN not mythical religious or denominational son shines daily from the East worldwide? Have you ever wondered how the STARS, MOON or SUN shines regardless of where you live, sit, run or drive on planet Earth?

This is the universal Creator/Kingdom smiling and shining on us all showing us He is alive and eternally living with power no religious or denominational organization can match or provide. Yes, it is good for people to congregate, but always have no other ‘man-made’ beliefs before the Creator.


How many people on planet Earth know the Creator is the SUN, MOON & STARS as cosmos not mythical, religious, fable, son of any religion or denomination? I know, such a statement and fact will take most people a lifetime to grasp, believe or comprehend.

What if I told you the CREATOR of Heaven and Earth is not just all around, but He operates, manages and keeps all things including nature, seasons, light, night and life with love, compassion, forgiveness, joy and peace throughout the cosmos and universe?

This also involves planet Earth and if Earth is a just one planet, how many other planet’s does the universe operate and control? I am trying to get you to understand the Creator and universe is much bigger and more involved than most people can research, understand or comprehend.

The Creator obviously thought, designed and created us all into existence right? Forget the BIG BANG theory……there was no big bang when we were living within our mother’s womb or when we were born through the parental womb into this world right?

How many evolution bangs have you experienced living on Earth? Yes, we all grow and change as we age or make choices between good and evil on Earth, but this has nothing to do with any theory other than beginning to end into our afterlife, having a date with time plus destiny set, with governing laws and statutes of the universal KINGDOM OF THE CREATOR Most High, only.

Now think of all the many different religions, denominations, cultures, lifestyles and beliefs of a ‘man-made’ world on Earth. If you and I or two people were the only one’s living on Earth we would be the world as people right? Therefore, the world is NOT a place it is people. Only Heaven, Earth, cosmos with planets are places of the universe.

I could go deeper and state not even ‘man-made‘ maps of man-made border lines of countries especially when maps have always been altered, renamed and redesigned over decades can claim to be real places, land or original people of such places and land. The Creator only see’s one people and one world as a people.


First, this takes solitude and silence a quiet place where you sit, meditate, pray and listen within. If done correctly, you will NOT think, you will more listen and turn off all fears, doubt, rambling thoughts and direct all thought to hearing what the universal SPIRIT is saying, counselling or directing of love, peace, honesty and truth within.

Who know’s you/I better than the holy, universal, SPIRIT of Heaven and Earth? So, one has to learn or know how to use what we all have been created within of mind, soul and spirit to SPIRIT. This is our CREATOR tools designed to connect us all to the universe daily.

Just yesterday, I said to a friend: ‘You have to get deep within.’ This is something most people think they know or claim they are doing, but to get deep within often means PAIN, solitude, silence and emptying of oneself of world to the universe daily.

Pain is not negative it is positive, like going to the gym if you really want to lose weight forget surgery go walk, run, exercise and control your craving diet of fat or junk food to win, naturally.

To align thyself or yourself within daily. try to rise early with the SUN and even the lotus flower has the spiritual, universal intelligence to open it’s flower or house with the SUN not mythical, religious son of 1611.

I have often wondered, why would anyone walk or drive past the SUN, MOON or STARS above their head to dress-up and go chase or listen to a pastor, pope, bishop or imam, when they have all access of the universe and CREATOR KINGDOM within? This is why knowledge, wisdom and understanding is crucial to aligning thyself or yourself within.

It is also 100% FREE of the universe. One can go sit, meditate, pray and align yourself with the Creator, appointed Garden of Eden, Royal gods and goddesses, kings and queens plus our ancestors all the way back to the Garden of Eden 24/7 worldwide, daily

The difficult challenge[s] or requirements are quieting your mind, thoughts, soul and spirit. Empty every fear, doubt, anxiety, lack of trust or faith within. Let the Holy, universal spirit, gods and goddesses, kings and queens see and know you are emptied, submissive and ready to be aligned with all power of the universal KINGDOM within.

This may take month’s even years or decades to master and rinse and repeat until it become’s a natural state of mind or belief system with daily alignment. In other words, I rarely now move or do anything unless I know the Creator is directing or encouraging it. If anyone does not support what you/I are doing or standing for, wish them universal Light and depart.

Try to imagine, the benefits of teaching your son, daughter and your entire family how to align themselves with the universe in a quiet park, by the lake, forest or in your Garden or living room. Would this bring you all closer and more united with Heaven and Earth?

I am sure for married or dating couples this would not just bring you closer but love, unity and peace would blossom like the lotus flower of universal wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Try to order the CyberRev course ‘How To Find Yourself Within‘ this min-course is very deep, spiritual, that will help you dive into the inner-most parts of your spiritual, universal, mind, soul and spirit-SPIRIT.

In Universal Service,


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