How Much is Peace Worth?

How much is Peace worth? I believe peace to be priceless. To live a daily peaceful life with no fear, worry, pain or afflictions is priceless.

There is only ONE UNIVERSAL PEACE which can only come from one universal Creator and Holy Spirit. I am beginning to read, see and understand with around 7,106 languages on Earth, and over 30 MILLION gods, goddesses and religions of world, still there is only one Creator to peace.

We may also have different names, beliefs and opinions, but where there is no truth, there can be no heavenly peace. This is why peace is priceless, and there is no sorrow or confusion with His Creator peace. And also the Creator can never be a female or woman as HE created male and female in His image and HE created Man first and wo-man out of Man. Any other belief is to call the Creator, His Word and Holy Spirit a lie.

Peace is Prayer and Meditation

Peace is prayer, meditation with reverence, praise and adoration. I am sure if you ask any spiritual individual, who seeks Universal Creator peace daily, they love being AWAY from world and the things of world. I actually hate coming back to dealing with world from spending quality time with Creator Most High.

I am totally comvinced Creator YHWH wants to gives us all glimpes, training and disciplines in heavenly Kingdom thinking, actions and beliefs. The more we relax, be still, meditate, pray, confess, ask, hope, trust and believe, the more we receive of Heaven to Earth in any language.

Being STILL to a novice, may look and feel like nothing is happening, but to a devoted believer who knows his or her POWER of the subconscious mind, and who can turn his or her carnal, conscious mind or thoughts on and off in seconds, this is instant Heaven to Earth communication, love and power of a sound mind. To be honest with you this is better than carnal sex.

I have personally trained hundreds of people online and face-face, some in my prayer room, teaching them how to meditate and HEAR from Creator YHWH. I can instantly test any individual even by phone, and know if their spirit is open or closed. As many will either hear, fall asleep or get bored being still or alone. I call this TRAFFIC MIND there is so much thoughts and traffic of mind, the Holy Spirit cannot calm, speak or be heard. Why do you think people love Gospel Music, Jazz, Soul or listen to Mantra music? Most people want and seek peace within.

I can just imagine the faces of some relgious churchfolks when they see the elephant image above. What is CyberRev promoting? But ask yourself what is the difference to images of Gospel music or CD’s? Try to think over 7,000 languages on Earth. The Egyptians, Romans and Greeks are not much different from India or any other country. Listen to the above video they promote and clearly desire peace. Some sing Gospel, some chant Shreem Brzee or some practice mind of attraction etc. Remember, Moses, Akhenaten before any western Bible was written, promoted MONOTHEISM not polytheism like most religions.

Play the above Gospel song meditate, mantra and BELIEVE the words. There is a KiNG in you. I love this song and always play it as my belief. No songwriter in any language or culture, will ever write or produce what they have not experienced. Most write and produce what they have walked or feel within.

In conclusion, words are POWERFUL and if you believe what you desire, say or pray, the UNIVERSE has already promised 7 times purer than any other word; you shall receive. This is how the UNIVERSAL CREATOR KINGDOM works for good or evil. If you claim to be a gangster you will be what you desire, so why not make it positive, and live eternally of now in Heaven not hell.

In His Service,