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Heaven & Earth Mathematical

Heaven & Earth Mathematical as mathematics is the calculator of the universe. Lets talk

Most people hate maths or being mathematical. Few want to calculate their numerology path, profit & loss, expenses or budgets. Most people just want to be free, entertained with little or no stress, drama or responsibility. Nowadays few even want to read or write complete sentences.

The universe and world, if one researches how it works or manages provision, order, planets and life, mathematics sits at the core. Do you know mathematics is central to everything in Heaven and Earth? There is also a beginning and an end to all things in Heaven and Earth.

And the KINGDOM and the dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole Heaven shall be given to the PEOPLE of the saints of the Most High; their kingdom shall be an everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey them.’ – Daniel 7:27

As one can see the KINGDOM of Creator YHWH RA is universal and real. Yet the planets of Heaven to Earth most people, religions and denominations are ignorant of as they think this is pagan, when all is universal creation and reality.

Never worship any OBJECT always worship only the One YHWH RA Creator of all things in Heaven and Earth. This is what man-made Baal religious OBJECTS and beliefs cannot and will not achieve, including moon-god Islam or fake Greco-Roman pagan Christianity Jesus.

Watch this video mathematics, like a calender, solar system, planet, skyscraper or building has to be meticulously weighted and calculated to operate, stand or inhabit.

Ask yourself this fundamental question: how can the Creator operate the universe without a planetary, solar, cosmos or calender system? This is why most religions and denominations are ignorant with their heads stuck in religious man-made buckets of blind, entertained, enslaved mindsets and choices.

Most people worldwide think prophet muhammed who could not read or write will lead or save them, or mythical white jesus who never existed with no sun-tan and no J in Hebrew or ever mentioned in the 1st Kings James Bible of 1611 will save them.

Everything is Calculated in Heaven & Earth Including LIfe & Death

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. – Luke 12:7

Our hair, eyes, brain, nerves, blood-pressure and heart-rate are all calculated like the planets and cosmos to operate and function at a certain pressure, health rate or number.

So when women claim to be independent I laugh…as this makes NO sense whatsoever in Heaven or Earth. We are all dependent on Heaven and Earth and everything in between. We need Heaven, Earth, planets, our local stores, gas station, pharmacy, government and even Holy Spirit daily.

The problem with most people is they are brainwashed and misinformed. They are actually lacking in mind, soul, spirit and universal intelligence.

Most humans think their WORLD is their white or pink label, zip code or post code and they will violently defend and kill for some rat infested, racist, drug, alcohol, unemployed neighborhood and environment, than sit their ass down, meditate and envision they are rich, wealthy, spiritual and at peace and harmony within.

Most people think their politicians or government turn on the SUN, moon, stars, seasons, light or darkness daily. They also think the Creator has no eyes, ears or brain.

This is what Kemet, Nubia, AFRICA Egypt as the 1st and oldest of civilized, intelliegent, mankind on planet Earth are still trying to educate the world about. The Pyramids are the most mathematical, creative, spiritual, genius inventions of church, architecture, science, life and astrology combined.

The above video admits and informs us that the Pyramids are likely to be 10-20,000 years old. Yet, most people believe a mythical white jesus of just 33 years LOL.

Time to awake and go back to Heaven, planets, Spirit to spirit, Earth that govern our universe and biblical history written in STONE not mistranslated human racist or misguided man-made opinions or religions on paper worldwide.

There are many things to learn and discover of what is truth concerning the solar system, cosmos, calender or planets of Heaven and Earth. Watch this video as it reveals what you think is safe religion or denomination is actually pagan Christmas, Easter, Halloween and fake white jesus of pagan Constantine who killed his own family.

This is far from the ancient reality of Kemet, Nubia, Africa truth, knowledge, wisdom or life all religions copied, and altered to create their own mythical, pagan gods of Baal and world.

You cannot keep Jesus, hate Christmas, Easter or Christianity Constantine as they are all of the same mythical and pagan root. Nothing predates Kemet, Nubia, Africa not even the Garden of Eden.

No matter what religion or denomination you choose or refute, one cannot debunk or ignore the solar systems, cosmos or planets of Heaven and Earth. They are the universal tools of the Creator.

This is what Kemet, Nubia and Africa understood as all things in Heaven and Earth are a natural reflection of the Creation of YHWH RA Most High. This is why they spent time and life building monumental Pyramids and hieroglyphs unto life and immortality more than world and things of world. 1 John 2: 15-17

I find it comical watching people online and offline sit and think they can fathom or explain SATURN or the solar planet system of Heaven and Earth. Especially when they ignorantly conclude jesus saves.

They also often conclude or say Amun RA is a sun-god. The Creator Most High is more than a sun-god, HE is Creator of moon, stars, Heaven, Earth, seas, breath, mankind, reptiles, animals and eternity on planet Earth.

Creator Most High is omniporent, omnipresent and not even TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer or Joel Olsteen comes close to understanding there is NO J in Hebrew and NO J in the 1st King James Bible of 1611 and white jesus is a pagan Christianity, slave-ship myth.

In His Service,


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