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God vs YHWH

God vs YHWH one needs to always seek research from the root of universal truth. Lets talk...

There is No Israel only Africa Yisrael. Most people on planet Earth including all religions and denominations are ignorant of the fact they have been mind-controlled and brain-washed into thinking they know God or there is proof of any white jesus.

They also think English or Greek are the true locations, languages or birthplace of universal truth, wrong. This is the birthplaces of global religious and denominational conspiracies of world.

Ancient Hebrew is the only language and fundamental root into what is true, false and universal.

This is KINGDOM not religious or denominational worldwide. So the next time you see or hear someone singing or using the word God or jesus ask them what God or jesus do you know or serve? Who invented jesus?

Then ask how can you serve something or anyone who does NOT exist in reality especially lacking in word, historical, archeological or scientfic evidence worldwide.

How can 33 years be connected to people and things 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 years old? BE YE NOT DECEIVED.

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In His Service,


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