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God I Hear You Calling

God I Hear You Calling like thunder in silence like downloaded spiritual prophecies, my days are powerful, different, strange, intimate yet still I feel like Jonah. May I run?  Or better still, teach me how to stand and trust again for my scars of afflictions, tribulations and fear have not healed often chastened and stripped me within.

God replies: Be still My king, how does one speak so weary? How  can you ever lose I AM or eternity? This is why I have called and chosen you like Jonah and JOB. You see hardly can a Rich Man enter Heaven because Heaven is priceless. Also his eyes, heart, soul and mind are occupied with world preventing him or her from spiritual submission or intimacy within. The only currency of Heaven is the just shall live by faith not by sight. So don’t fear when your carnal eyes are closing in exchange for blind faith within.

My Son, I understand. It is the calling solo you fear for once you were popular and have need of nothing, but you forgot you are predestined and preordained to exit world of 1 John 2: 15-17 for the Kingdom within Luke 17:21 and for eternity. So regardless of how successful you were of world, I decided TIME you now walk 25yrs of preparation, tribulation and afflictions to rule within of the Kingdom of YHWH RA for your kingdom is refined as silver and gold eternally within.

Be not dismayed, Think how can I AM not call, need or prepare His Children or Chosen? You are a forerunner of many nations. You are what the prophets of old and Mount Zion of the future stands for. I AM intends to stand also alone. You see even as YHWH RA, I dream of a destination of prophecy fulfilled where I AM rules and stands as in the garden of Eden renewed.

Go warn the world of men and women, tell them as the woman at the well every man or woman you penetrate or sex you are flesh, sin or married to all.

As for carnal religions and denominations there is only ONE RA in and through us all.


In His Service,


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