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Giza Pyramids 125 MILLION years old

Giza Pyramids 125 MILLION years old. Built by and of the oldest human civilization and Garden of Eden AFRICA on Earth. Lets talk…

How long will countries, regions and people of AFRICA continue to be enslaved by their terrorist slavemasters who still to this day invade YOUR AFRICA LAND, rename you and your land while they rape, steal and enslave you daily?

Does NOT AFRICA know their rich, royalty and Garden of Eden history?

Most people of enslaved Africa and Caribbean still today bow down to a pink or white mythical Constantine pagan Jesus why? Yet, they will NOT own or be Kemet, Nubia proud within, bow or recognize the Holy Bible hieroglyphs of Amun RA Kemet, Nubia renamed Egypt.

The Holy Giza Pyramids are a spiritual KINGDOM monument of science, universe, cosmos to Creator Amun RA Most High. The more AFRICA allows pink people to always tell them who and what they are and how THEIR LAND and region was built or why, is the more they shall be deceived, enslaved of mind and brain always begging and bowing down to a pink mythical fake jesus as now worldwide.

Time to awake! Time to stop bowing down to slavemasters and colonial terrorist invaders and slavematsers of religions and denominations worldwide.

The AFRICA blessings and inheritance of the CREATOR AMUN RA is free electricity and water of the Nile for all with rich land, fruits and exotic minerals and commodities. This region is the true Garden of Eden period.

Yet they choose to sit and allow myths, fables and FOOLISH terrestrial, big-bang nonsense. This PhD researcher guy even patents what he has NOT created, he also does not mention AFRICA or AMUN RA so this guy is ill-advised and unlearned.

Be Ye NOT Deceived. What they tell and teach is pyramid pagan is actually VALLEY OF KINGS AFRICA TRUTH of AMUN RA which actually means AMEN. What you bow and believe as pink or white jesus is colonial, vatican, babylonian paganism, mythology, slavery, racism and mass global deception. Awake within!

In His Service,


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