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Gang Leaders vs KKK

Gang leaders vs KKK worldwide what the difference? Lets talk,,,

There are smilarities and differences but a gang or a movement is still a gang right? You have gangs of people attending and defending political, police, religion and denominational movements or organizations worldwide right?

You try messing with or harming TDJakes or Creflo Dollar even on a Sunday in the middle of any service and see if a gun or a pair of handcuffs with violence is not enforced in Church.

Its the same for Trump and his open support for white supremacy, NRA and KKK, he is adamant that the WE/American people does not include any other type of american like afro, indian, chinese or latino.

Have you noticed Trump with his white clenched fist? Were did he get this from Black Panther movement? White or prink people own hardly anything historically. They steal or copy everything from Kemet, Nubia, religion, gold, diamonds to marching, music, fashion and demonstrations worldwide.

Even when they use the term British or patriot think about it does that mean an afro or latino american? No way! Here is recent proof even with a Purple Heart Award Trump and republican right-wing gang members threw his ass as a Ukraine American citizen and National Security Council Officer publicly overboard without apologies.

I actually belive we are all GANG MEMBERS of some sort of group, people or gang. The only difference is some gangs are EVIL and some good worldwide. Don’t get it twisted just because your called religion or denomination as a gang of people does not make you or it good.

What do YOU know about Gangs vs KKK?

Is Kardashians, Kanye West , Pope or Jay Z gang leaders 100%. People of the world naturally follow what they they believe, do or like. Beyonce has her hive of bee followers worldwide.

Trump has his right-wing facist, racist followers and the day Trump stands up for black, latino, mexican or african people is the day they will denounce KKK Trump worldwide.

What historically scares most political governments of the world are CIVIL RIGHTS, BLACK LIVES MATTER, BLACK PANTHER, LOUIS FARRAKHAN or anyone who has to the power to awake or motivate black or brown people worldwide.

So when it comes to white or pink people why should they congregate, march, walk, talk, shout, carry guns and enforce violence, drugs and murder, but not any other person or group worldwide? This is the BS Trump, Farage, Fox News, BBC and many other media outlets and whitefolks like to perform and act out of pink or white priviledge daily.

White people secretly FEAR their own lies, hatred, invader, racist, pirate, lynching, slavery, white jesus fake history and religion dogmas. White people are not even white they are pink like Trump.

Stop using the FBI and government politics to repeatedly suppress, empower the police to shoot and incarcerate people just because you FEAR them and yourself within worldwide.

In His Service,


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