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Full Moon July 24th Sabbath

Happy Full Moon July 24th, 2021 Sabbath, yet how many people know or prepared for this full-moon, Universal, Holy Day Sabbath? Lets talk...

Just because you keep a ‘religious day’ Sabbath does NOT mean you are observing or keeping any alignment or belief with the gods, goddesses, kings and queens of the universal, Garden of Eden, baRA RA RE, AFU-RA-KA, KINGDOM of the Creator or cosmos.

Also just because you keep all the passover feasts of Leviticus or eat Kosher or Halal food only —– means NOTHING to the baRA, Garden of Eden, AFU-RA-KA, universal Kingdom of RA RE Most High.

What matters most more than any religion or denominational name, title, belief or religious observance, is that you keep your mind, heart, soul and spirit, always in line with the cosmos, universe and SUN not son or other as the baRA cREator.

This is why every 29 days or so the cosmos or universe reminds us as a world of people, like a huge alarm clock, get ready for the eclipse, new or full moon.

In other words, begin preparing your mind, soul, spirit and heart from one eclipse, new or full moon to another throughout any month or year. I have learned to do this on a monthly basis as this also helps one to keep in alignment with the universe and baRA KINGDOM.


I get a little upset and dissappointed having spent decades trying to unravel all the evil, lies, deceptions, myths and fables of a man-made world. Try to understand 99.9% of most people worldwide are being deceived, mind-controlled and led like sheep to slaughter on a daily basis.

Let’s test this notion, how many people live pay-check to pay-check worldwide? How many people believe in a man-made ‘religious‘ church or denomination, but are still broke, stressed and unhappy worldwide?

Do you really believe the Pope or Catholic Church who gave you pagan Constantine Mythical Jesus on a Donkey can save you?

Truth hurts…and it takes a while for most people to face the universal TRUTH we do not need any other religion or denomination, only the cosmos, universe and Kingdom of baRA RA RE.

This is why all eclipses, new and full moons for the wise are important. Let’s test this another way, how many religious or non-religious people do you see bowing down to kiss, serve, twerk and worship another male or female on Earth?

So why not bow, kiss, love, serve, worship and give praise and thanks daily for the SUN not son, moon, stars and all planets of the universal KINGDOM of the baRA?

The only problem with the above Judaic, Jesuit, Khazar Jew attempt like most things of this man-made world, is there is NO SON, ONLY SUN of the baRA as RA and BA of the Creator and soul.


There is no such thing as my or your own belief! Sure we have my or your own decisions and choices, this is a universal free-will or right granted of free-choice or free-spirit by and of the baRA. Yet the universal or cosmic laws, MAAT, appointed gods and goddesses or order never changes.

The baRA Creator does NOT alter or change because religions, denominations or governments of world make their own gods, laws, commandments and justices. No Way!

In fact, the universal Kingdom of baRA RA RE records everything we all do, say, think and decide daily. In fact, this will be our Karma or Judgement of the now and into the afterlife of eternity.

Everything we do or decide will eventually be ETERNAL for good or evil. We are actually being judged daily by the minute and hour. This is why things are either at peace or a raging turmoil daily.

Right now I can feel the ENERGY of the Full Moon and you can too, have you noticed how your body changes in moods or feelings? One day you feel happy as a child the next day emotional or heavy within.

This is because the entire KINGDOM UNIVERSE OF BARA operates with the moon, sun, stars, planets, energy, matter and all our thoughts, beliefs and actions are swirling positive or negative ENERGY daily.

This is what most parents NEVER or rarely teach or train their kids or children to know why? Because most religions and denominations keep this away from you and prefer to spread lies, deception and evil that this is new-age or mystic, evil practices.

Ok, so let’s test this notion or notion’s. How can anything of the UNIVERSE OR COSMOS ever be deception, lies and evil when without the UNIVERSE, COSMOS OR PLANETS, especially the SUN not son we would all be dead?

This is why MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED, BROKE & ENSLAVED for a lack of knowledge, wisdom and understanding worldwide. I am trying to give you the keys to the UNIVERSAL KINGDOM here, that will set you FREE within and connect you to the only belief, church or temple you will ever daily need.

Try this as a spiritual exercise: sit, be still, close your eyes, focus your KA or chi on your crown or head, think of nothing, wait for balance WITHIN until you feel peace, stillness, harmony and silence.

Or try this, sit with your left hand over your eyes and ask yourself: AM I CONTENT? Then listen to what your mind, soul and spirit answers or says to you within.

The above is actually a beginners test…..just like your 1st bike you need to learn to balance, before you can safely ride and enjoy your bike or ride with a smile.

As for being STILL even if you sat down for 24 hours per day, you would actually travel in thought and movement WITHIN of energy 1000 MILES in 24 hours.

In His Service,


24/7/2021 = 36 = 9 – Do you think this is by accident? No way all things are calculated in Heaven or Earth.

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